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The DaDaDocs integration with bpm'online is a complete online editor, form builder and eSignature solution. Now you can easily turn documents stored in your bpm'online account into interactive fillable forms available on any device and pre-fill them with bpm'online data. Share fillable documents with customers and partners in seconds via a button, link or QR code.
Add Signatures to PDFs Online

Have you ever needed to sign a sales contract or invoice stored in your Bpm'online account?

DaDaDocs allows you to sign any Word or PDF document right in your Bpm’online account. In the past, you probably had to print the document, fill and sign it, and either scan it or send a hard copy to wherever it needed to go. Besides needing a printer and a scanner, the whole process was just too time consuming. DaDaDocs will simplify your workflow. All signatures added in DaDaDocs are legally binding under the E-Sign Act (2000).
To get started, click Documents on the left sidebar. On the screen that opens next select the type of documents you want to edit.
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Choose Attachments and Notes and click Use DaDaDocs. Select the document you need to edit from the list and click on it. To use DaDaDocs editor click the Edit Document button.
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Click the Sign button in the main toolbar.
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This will open the Signature Wizard that allows you to type, draw, upload, capture a signature with a webcam, or sign the document on a mobile device.
To type a signature, click the T icon and type your name.
You can also change the color and thickness of the signature in the Signature Wizard.
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Click Save and Use to use the signature immediately or Save to use it later. In both cases, the signature will be saved in the Signature Wizard.
Click where you need to place the signature. Use the mini toolbar to resize the signature or change its position.
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To draw a signature, click the fountain pen icon and use your mouse or trackpad to draw your signature by clicking and dragging. Save and place the signature exactly where you want it to appear.
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To sign with your finger, click on mobile device and enter your phone number or email address. Open the link you receive via text message or email on your phone, and follow the instructions to sign with your finger.
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To capture a signature, click the webcam icon and allow DaDaDocs access to your camera. Then simply sign a piece of paper and hold it up to the camera, so the signature fits inside the blue box. Click Take.
You can then choose to make adjustments to the scan, or use the signature as-is.
To upload a signature, click the arrow icon and navigate to an image of your signature on your computer. Just like with capture, you can then choose to use the signature as-is, or make changes. Available edits include crop, brightness, contrast, flip, rotate, and auto-adjust. DaDaDocs can verify your signature with a stamp showing the date when you signed the document. To show the stamp, just click its icon.
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You can create as many signatures as you like and save them in the wizard. Your signatures will automatically appear in the Signature Wizard, ready to be used any time you need to sign a document. You can also remove any signature with the trash can icon.
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When you have finished editing, click the Done button in the top right corner and save your document back to your Bpm’online account, send it out for signing or turn into interactive fillable form available to anyone to fill out from any device.
Application features
PDF Editor
Type and blackout text
Add images
Draw tables and arrows
Add comments and sticky notes
Form Builder
Turn any document into a fillable form
Use checkboxes, dropdown menus, date and signature fields
Define the filling order and add tutorial videos
Generate templates pre-filled with bpm'online data
eSign & Workflows
eSign documents on-the-go with any mobile device
Collect legally binding signatures
Collaborate on a single document with your partners and colleagues
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