Full Audit Trail: View the Complete Revision History of Construction Documents

GenieBelt and PDFfiller are a complete toolset to manage complex building projects as well as editing, signing and reviewing the history of construction documents.
Take advantage of the complete solution for construction project management. Edit and annotate your contracts, agreements and blueprints and send them to your clients and partners in seconds. Automatically create a full activity log to always know who did what and when. Track all the edits in automatically saved versions of a document.

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PDFfiller provides a complete document management platform for your business. Track all the edits in agreements, proposals and blueprints with powerful revision tools. Return to a previous version of a document without the need to retype it. You can see when and from what IP address changes were made to any document.

GenieBelt is the complete project management platform for the construction business. The interactive Gantt chart uses real-time data to make sure your project stays on time and on budget. Daily reports give you a bird’s eye view of your projects, so nothing gets missed or delayed.

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Application Features

PDF Editor
  • Type and erase
  • Black out and redact
  • Add images
  • Draw arrows and lines
  • Place sticky notes and text boxes
Project Management
  • Automatically create a full activity log
  • Manage and follow the status of a project live
  • Collaborate with all stakeholders on a project
eSign & Workflows
  • eSign documents and collect signatures
  • Get instant notification with a copy of the document once it's been filled out
  • Work together on any device to access, edit, collaborate and comment on a single document

Use Cases

  • Edit Contracts and Proposals
  • Sign Progress Completion Certificates
  • Annotate Plans and Blueprints
  • Collaborate on Construction Documents
  • Manage Complex Building Projects
  • Fill out a Request for Information
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