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Add a Watermark & Brand Logo into PDF in Salesforce

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The DaDaDocs Salesforce integration is a complete online editor for typing, editing, erasing, blacking out and annotating text as well as signing documents. Work with Word and PDF files in your Salesforce account, and share documents with your partners making them available to anyone on any mobile device.
Add a Watermark & Brand Logo into PDF

Have you ever needed to add a watermark and logo into your contract or invoice stored in your Salesforce account?

Using pdfFiller tools, make a logo of your company visible. Add a custom watermark text right in your Salesforce account. pdfFiller makes it easy.
In the past, you probably had to print the form, and write "sample" across the page manually. Or you had to have the form prepared specially using the services of a graphic designer. Either way, you had to have a printer or a scanner, or some kind of special software.
pdfFiller now offers you an easier way to add watermark to PDF documents with full control over size,opacity, and orientation.
First of all, select the Salesforce document and click the drop-down menu near it on the right. Click on Edit.
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To the right, you will see the Add Watermark tab. Press it
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Type the title of your company (or any other text for a watermark).

DaDaDocs for integration with Salesforce
Choose the size, orientation, and opacity of the watermark and the number of pages to apply it to.
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To finish adding the watermark, press the Close button.
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When you have finished editing, click the Done button in the top right corner and save your document back to your Salesforce account, send it out for signing or turn into interactive fillable form available to anyone to fill out from any device.
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Government Agency Uses DaDaDocs
An Australian government agency uses DaDaDocs for Salesforce to securely redact, edit and sign PDF documents.
How Businesses Save with Us
Businesses use pdfFiller to collect information, automate paperwork, edit PDF documents and get eSignatures.
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