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pdfFiller SharePoint integration
Edit and turn your SharePoint documents into dynamic fillable forms to be filled out and digitally signed by people whom you share them with. Collaborate with your colleagues or business partners on a single document: leave comments on your documents with sticky notes and annotations, track the activity inside a document, and restore earlier versions if needed.

Make Notes on a PDF

Have you ever needed to make notes or annotations in your PDFs stored in your SharePoint account?

Using pdfFiller, make notes to hint and guide the recipients through a document’s content in your SharePoint account. Alternatively, notes are helpful in terms of your own revisions to a document. pdfFiller has two types of note tools:

  • Standard text boxes included in the document where it is convenient and suitable;
  • Sticky notes attached over the content of the document.

To get started, simply select a Word or PDF document from the list on the left, then right-click and select Edit with pdfFiller from the list.

pdfFiller integration with SharePoint

On the screen that opens next, pdfFiller will request your authorization - click AUTHORIZE.

pdfFiller integration with SharePoint account

To comment using a text box, select Text Box in the toolbar and click where you'd like to place the box in the document. To resize the text box, drag its corners or edges. To change the color of its border, click the color icon that says Box in the formatting toolbar and select the color that you want. To change the color of the box itself click Background and choose the color.

pdfFiller for SharePoint

To enter text into the box, click inside and start typing. To change the font type, click the box with the current font name in the formatting toolbar and choose from the dropdown menu. You can change the font size by clicking the number next to the font and selecting from the dropdown list. To underline your text, to make it bold or italic, use the U, B, and I icons. To change the text color, click the color box on the right of the font tools and select the color you want.

pdfFiller for integration with SharePoint

To add comments in a sticky note, while in the editor, select Sticky.

Integrate pdfFiller with SharePoint

Click where you'd like to place the note. To resize the note, drag its corners or edges. To change its color, click the yellow icon that says Box and select the color you want. To enter your comment, click inside the note and start typing. You can format your text using the above-mentioned tools.

pdfFiller SharePoint integration

In addition, you can always easily remove a sticky note or a text box from the document. To do this, just click it and then click the trash icon.

pdfFiller integrates with SharePoint

After you have finished editing your document, click the Done button.

pdfFiller integrates with SharePoint account

The pdfFiller Editor App will create and upload a copy of the document with all the changes you’ve made to your SharePoint account. The file name of the copy consists of the original file’s name with “pdffiller” added. The original file will remain unchanged.

pdfFiller + SharePoint integration

Please note that pdfFiller also saves the edited document in pdfFiller’s “MYBOX” folder.

pdfFiller integration for SharePoint

Application Features

PDF Editor
  • Type and erase
  • Black out and redact
  • Add images
  • Draw arrows and lines
  • Place sticky notes and text boxes
Form Builder
  • Turn documents into dynamic fillable forms
  • Add checkboxes, drop down-menus, date and signature fields, formulas and images
  • Define the filling order and add instructional videos to guide recipients through the filling process
eSign & Workflows
  • eSign documents and collect signatures
  • Track workflow via instant notifications
  • Access and manage your fillable documents from desktop and mobile devices

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