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Evaluation of Fingerprint Card and Final Disposition Report ...
Dec 4, 2017 ... We determined that the Military Services did not consistently submit fingerprint cards and final disposition reports as required. Overall, of the 2,502 fingerprint ... CID – Army Criminal Investigation Command. MP – Military Police. NCIS – Naval Criminal Investigative Service. Navy SF – Navy Security Forces.
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Department of the Army
Jan 13, 2003 ... which went far beyond the basic requirements. 10verall, our review focused on the ethics program at the·. Army's Office of the Secretary (OS), Criminal Investigation Command. (CID), and Corps of Engineers (USACE). However, there is some overlap in ethics program responsibilities at these organizations.
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Evaluation of United States Army Criminal Investigation Command ...
Nov 10, 2015 ... NOT SUBSTANTIATED. B. CID did not complete the investigation as required by guiding policies. Recommendations. A. The Commander, United States Army Criminal Investigation. Command, should ensure that agents conducting sexual assault investigations: 1. Properly report non-CID purview offenses, ...
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