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Harriman State Park
H-TS. Pine Meadow. Oran ge. Kakiat. Blue Disc. Ka kiat. Kakiat. W hite. Ba r. Sev en Hills. Tuxedo-Mtn Ivy. Sto ny B roo k. K a kiat. Tuxedo-Mtn Ivy. Tu xedo. -M tn .... Frederick. M om basha. L ake. Little. Dam. Lake. Spruce. Pond. We-Wah. Lake . Tuxedo. Lake. Lake. Wanoksink. Pine MeadowLake. Cranberry. Pond. H. U. D.
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Moodna Creek Watershed
Moodna Creek, Upper, and minor tribs (1303-0011). Lake Washington (1303- 0012). Browns Pond Reservoir (1303-0013). Woodbury Creek and tribs (1303- 0014). Sutherland Pond (1303-0015). Earl Reservoir (1303-0016). Cromwell Lake (1303-0017). Shadow Lake, Hillside Lake (1303-0018). Lake Frederick ( 1303-0019).
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Clermont State Historic Site American Revolution In The Hudson River
Then, in 1777, the British devised a three-pronged invasion of the valley. The main force, under Lt. Gen. John Burgoyne, would head south from Canada via Lakes. Champlain and George. Lt. Col. Barry. St. Leger would push east along the. Mohawk Valley to Albany. Sir William. Howe would head north from. New York City ...
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