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Harriman State Park Trail Map
Blue Disc. Ka kiat. Kakiat. W hite. Ba r. Sev en Hills. Tuxedo-Mtn Ivy. Sto ny B roo k. K .... Frederick. M om basha. L ake. Little. Dam. Lake. Spruce. Pond. We-Wah.
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Moodna Creek Watershed
Sutherland Pond (1303-0015). Earl Reservoir (1303-0016). Cromwell Lake ( 1303-0017). Shadow Lake, Hillside Lake (1303-0018). Lake Frederick (1303- 0019).
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American Revolution in the Hudson Valley Map and Brochure
head south from Canada via Lakes. Champlain and ... out of New York City into the Hudson. British ships make ..... A committed loyalist, Frederick Philipse III.
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