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Harriman State Park
H-TS. Pine Meadow. Oran ge. Kakiat. Blue Disc. Ka kiat. Kakiat. W hite. Ba r. Sev en Hills. Tuxedo-Mtn Ivy. Sto ny B roo k. K a kiat. Tuxedo-Mtn Ivy. Tu xedo. -M tn .... Frederick. M om basha. L ake. Little. Dam. Lake. Spruce. Pond. We-Wah. Lake . Tuxedo. Lake. Lake. Wanoksink. Pine MeadowLake. Cranberry. Pond. H. U. D.
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Moodna Creek Watershed
Moodna Creek, Upper, and minor tribs (1303-0011). Lake Washington (1303- 0012). Browns Pond Reservoir (1303-0013). Woodbury Creek and tribs (1303- 0014). Sutherland Pond (1303-0015). Earl Reservoir (1303-0016). Cromwell Lake (1303-0017). Shadow Lake, Hillside Lake (1303-0018). Lake Frederick ( 1303-0019).
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Belmont Lake Brochure
Early in 1924, she sold all but a small portion of the estate to Cadman H. Frederick who subdivided most of it into lots. The remaining 158 acres, including the lake, the mansion, and the main farm buildings were sold to the State of New York. In 1927, the State purchased land that had been retained by Mrs. Belmont. Since.
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