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Pinal County Adult Detention Center
Pinal County Adult Detention Center. Enforcement and Removal Operations Leadership. Field Office Director: Katrina S. Kane. (Acting) Assistant Field Office Director (Detention): Earl Scalet. (Acting) Assistant Field Office Director (Detained Case Management): Earl Scalet. Facility Main Telephone Line: (520) 866-5000.
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In 2014, MGT of America, Inc. (MGT) completed a jail staffing study of the Pinal County Adult Detention. Center (ADC) at the request of the Pinal County Board of Supervisors. One of the key findings of the study was the average number of local inmates the Pinal County Sheriff's Office (PCSO) housed at the jail had.
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Detention Center Staffing Study
In July 2014, MGT of America (MGT) was retained by Pinal County (County) to conduct a staffing analysis of the Pinal County Adult Detention Center (ADC). The County had recently ended its contract with the. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) and as a result, its jail population had significantly ...
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