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State Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2010 ... Jim Christman gave a brief update for the Community Based Toxics. Strategy Workgroup: The Community Air Toxics workgroup has posted three draft sections of its report on the UVA Collab website. First is a discussion of the "initiation" issue, which is how sites should be selected for toxics monitoring ...
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Fostering Academic Cooperation and Collaboration Through the ...
Barczyk, Casimir C.; Davis, Nancy; and Zimmerman, Lynn (2012) "Fostering Academic Cooperation and Collaboration Through the. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: A Faculty Research Abroad Program in Poland," International Journal for the Scholarship of. Teaching and Learning: Vol. 6: No. 2, Article 17. Available ...
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b∨ (4th Generation) Quark, Searches for
Jul 12, 2013 ... (D0 Collab.) HUANG. 08. PR D77 037302. P.Q. Hung, M. Sher. (UVA, WILL). AALTONEN. 07C. PR D76 072006. T. Aaltonen et al. (CDF Collab.) ABDALLAH. 07. EPJ C50 507. J. Abdallah et al. (DELPHI Collab.) ACOSTA. 03. PRL 90 131801. D. Acosta et al. (CDF Collab.) AFFOLDER. 00. PRL 84 835.
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