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State Advisory Board Meeting Minutes
May 6, 2010 ... Jim Christman gave a brief update for the Community Based Toxics. Strategy Workgroup: The Community Air Toxics workgroup has posted three draft sections of its report on the UVA Collab website. First is a discussion of the "initiation" issue, which is how sites should be selected for toxics monitoring ...
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search for an invisibly decaying higgs boson in dilepton events at cdf
SEARCH FOR AN INVISIBLY DECAYING HIGGS. BOSON IN DILEPTON EVENTS AT CDF. C. Principato on behalf of the CDF collaboration. University of Virginia. New Perspectives 2015. Cristiana Principato. Invisible Higgs Boson. Fermilab - June 8, 2015. 1 / 19 ...
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Heavy Neutral Leptons, Searches for
Aug 21, 2014 ... C38, 090001 (2014) (URL: ARMBRUSTER 95. PL B348 19. B. Armbruster et al. (KARMEN Collab.) BAHRAN. 95. PL B354 481. M.Y. Bahran, G.R. Kalbfleisch. (OKLA). BILGER. 95. PL B363 41. R. Bilger et al. (TUBIN, KARLE, PSI). DAUM. 95B. PL B361 179. M. Daum et al. (PSI, UVA).
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