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About Washington Connection
Why should someone use Washington Connection? ¡ Users can screen for DSHS eligibility. ¡ Users can complete an online DSHS application, review and change form. ¡ Users can access federal, state, tribal and local resources online. ¡ DSHS clients can track status of case actions by viewing their Client Benefit Account.
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Medicaid Update
Feb 27, 2014 ... ANSWER: • If needing AEM coverage, they would apply through. DSHS ( Washington Connection), as they are over 65 and not eligible for the new Adult program in HPF. • If they need ongoing health care coverage, while waiting to meet their 5 year bar, they would need to go to. Healthplanfinder to apply for ...
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WHY USE WASHINGTON CONNECTION? • It's a free and secure website. • It's easy to quickly find out what services you may qualify for. • You can complete an online application within an hour. • You can access federal, state, tribal, and local resources online. • You can manage your account on your own time. IMPORTANT ...
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