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Washington Connection Benefit Portal 2015 Report
Dec 1, 2015 ... Washington Connection Benefit Portal – Your Link to Services. P a g e | 1. Annual Report to the Legislature and the Governor. Department of Social and Health Services | Economic Services Administration. December 1, 2015. Contents. Executive Summary .
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WHY USE WASHINGTON CONNECTION? • It's a free and secure website. • It's easy to quickly find out what services you may qualify for. • You can complete an online application within an hour. • You can access federal, state, tribal, and local resources online. • You can manage your account on your own time. IMPORTANT ...
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Washington Connection Benefit Portal Partnership
Washington Connection. Benefit Portal Partnership. A glance at our governance, milestones, partnerships, and future direction. Mission: Improve access to a variety of services and benefits to help families and individuals meet basic needs and achieve self-sufficiency. December 8, 2016., (360) 725- ...
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