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What our customers say about PDFfiller
  • Fax PDF Forms Online

    'Thanks! I love this product because I am always on the go. Now I can fill out my forms using my laptop. My docs look so neat. Much better than handwritten.'

    Jane Patton, Real Estate Agent
  • Fax PDF Forms Online

    'PDFfiller replaced a scanner, a fax machine, and a filing cabinet. My office is on its way to paperless bliss.'

    Lindsay Donalds, Small Business Owner
  • Fax PDF Forms Online

    'I love filling out IRS forms online with PDFfiller. I recommend this product for any business.'

    Bill Norton, Accountant
June 17, 2015
my experience has been great with this web site
Fax PDF Forms Online

General Questions About Creating Sharable PDFs Online

  • Video: How to Collaborate with Share from PDFfiller
    Some great organizations that use PDFfiller
  • Video: Collaborate on Documents Online with Share from PDFfiller
    Some great organizations that use PDFfiller
  • Can I share my documents with another user?
    Yes.'s Share feature allows you to share your documents with other users. You can also grant them access to edit your documents or for read only.
  • Can I collaborate on editing a document in
    Yes.'s Share feature allows you to collaborate on editing the same document by sharing the document with other users.
  • When I share my document, does the person I share with need an account on
    The recipient will be required to have a account but does not need a subscription to access the shared documents. However, a subscription will be needed to access other features such as print, email, fax, or SendToSign.
  • Where can I access shared documents?
    You will get an email notification when a shared document is sent to you. A account is required to access the document. Click the "Share" tab on "My Forms" page and collaborate with other users in the same document.
  • What's the difference between "Share" and "SendToSign"?
    To work on the same document and get feedback instantly, you can use the "Share" feature to collaborate with others. All users need to have a account to access to the shared document. If you need to get a third-party to sign your document, you should use "SendToSign" and get your forms filled out or signed easily and quickly. The signing party does not need a account.
  • Can anyone join my shared documents or must they be subscribers?
    No, they do not need be subscribers to get invited to share documents. However, they will need a subscription to use the print, email, fax, or SendToSign features.
  • How can I collaborate/share with others using
    You can share your project files by clicking the "Share" button in the"My Forms" page. will email the shared documents to the users you've selected. When your document is received, you can work with other users to edit, fill, sign and make changes together.
  • Can I lock the shared document for editing?
    Yes. You can make your shared documents read-only. Before emailing the shared file, you can set it as full or read-only access.
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