IRS W-2 form

Wage and Tax Statement is used to report wages paid to employees and the taxes withheld from them

Who Should File a W-2 Form?

An employer should complete a W-2 form for each employee. It includes important tax information, as well as the specific salaries paid to every employee. Note that if the sum increases to six hundred dollars, then an informational return will be required.

To give you an example of just how important this form is, take into consideration corporations that employ hundreds of employees.

Large companies with many employees will constantly be referring to this document when tax season starts. This process is already long enough as it is, so if you are an employer or head manager, it’s best to start filling out these documents well before they are due.

To prevent the loss of any important data pertaining to this form, we highly recommend you keep careful track of every payment you make to your employees. This will help you to quickly find any needed details and expedite the process. It’s also critical that you remember the deadline determined by the Internal Revenue Service, which is the 31st of January.

The document(s) must be completed correctly since your employees will use this information when reporting their taxes to the IRS.

Also, be sure to remind your employees of the importance of accurately providing their personal details to the company: such as address, contacts information, Social Security Number etc. If any of this information changes, your employees should inform you about it so that their records/data can be updated.

What Information Does the W-2 Form Include?

With our time-saving solution, every company has the opportunity to accelerate the form filling process.

All an employer has to do is open the needed variant of the W-2 blank on our website (there are several types, usually in accordance to a specific tax year) and insert the required information into this brief form. This template is fillable and allows you to type in the required data in every cell - just by clicking on the highlighted areas.

The printable W-2 tax form contains the following data:

  1. General information about the employer - tax details, full name, address etc;
  2. Employee’s full name and contact details, as well as SSN and ZIP code;
  3. Detailed income information including tips, wages, federal and social security withholdings, Medicare and Medicaid payments etc;
  4. The State ID Number of the employee’s itemized payments, such as wages, tips etc.

Using PDFfiller’s multi-functional toolkit, anyone can provide all needed information in the form, send the templates digitally and file them to their employees by email.

Be sure to include the user’s email and the link will be available to anyone you send it to (this includes even unsubscribed users).

Additionally, password protection or multiple verification can be required before a recipient opens the form you sent ( for the sake of better protecting sensitive information). The sender may also set notifications (for example, when the template is opened or signed) that will help better control the document workflow.