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How to Edit Your Documents Online
  • How to Align Text in the pdfFiller Editor
    You can change the text alignment in a swipe of a cursor using pdfFiller’s editing tools. Choose how you’d like your text to be displayed on the page: left aligned, right aligned, centered or justified.
  • How to Make the Fill Bar Transparent in the pdfFiller Editor
    You can easily change the look of the fill bar icons to better see the text that you’ve typed. Simply make the fill bar transparent by pulling down the arrow above the item.
  • How to Rename a PDF on pdfFiller
    Change the name of any document stored in your pdfFiller account in just a few seconds. Simply select the document you need and type in the name of your preference.
  • How to Move and Resize Content on pdfFiller
    The pdfFiller editor makes it easy for you to move content that you've added to your document. You can also modify your document’s text by changing it’s size, color and font type.
  • How to Use Text Boxes in the pdfFiller Editor
    Emphasize important data with text boxes that you can place anywhere on your document. You can resize a text box and change its background color as well as change your text’s font, size and color.
  • How to Adjust the Font in pdfFiller
    If you don’t like the way your document looks, change the font type and size in a single click. You can also bold, italicize or underline certain parts of the text or the entire text body.
  • How to Add Checkmarks, Circles, and X's to a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
    Add checkmarks, circles or X’s anywhere in your document in a matter of seconds. Adjust the size of the symbols and change their position if need be. It’s as easy as that.
  • How to Copy, Paste, and Clear Edits in pdfFiller
    Easily move fillable fields between pages or within a single page by copying and pasting them. Remove any unnecessary edits from a single page or clear the entire document.