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Form SSA-3441-BK (10-2007) ef (07-2008) Use 1-2005 and 10-2006 Editions Until Supply Is Exhausted. Approximate date the changes occurred: Month. Day ...
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This is the work history report provided to claimants who have applied for Social Security disability benefits this form does come directly from the Social Security office it is not sent to you from your attorney it is sent to you from the Social Security office in order for them to gather all the information they need in order to make a decision on whether or not you qualify for disability benefits and if you will be awarded obviously the more work you have the more work credits you have which will affect the award amount we often have clients that ask us if they have to fill this out or how much of it they have to fill out do they really have to go back 15 years and the answer to those questions or yes to all of them you do need to fill this out your attorney cannot do this for you because you know your history the best however at least here at the kaki law firm where he'll be happy to help you walk you through the form and if you just physically cannot write or tie then of course we would help you with it if you don't have someone at home that can do it for you the first page section one just asks for your name social security number and daytime telephone number where you can be reached any time you need to put all this information in because this will associate it to your disability application section two is information about your work so the first portion it does asks to list all the jobs that you've had in the last 15 years you need to list everything that you've had what your job was what type of business it and the days that you work as close to as accurate as possible obviously 15 years ago it's hard to remember exact dates and that's fine don't worry about it just keep it as you know accurate as possible once you've listed just all your jobs and the next several pages each pages for each job and is asking for very specific information it's asking for your rate of pay whether it's hourly or salary how much you worked how many days per week that you worked and then a description of the job itself what did you do all day they're going to get a sense of just your type what type of work that you're qualified to do you were healthy and then ultimately based on this and then Medical has history and other things they'll be able to determine if you're able to continue doing this sort of job this is why you've hired an attorney we do the argument for you defense for you but we do need you to fill out this information after you've given a description of the job you will just answer the remaining questions give them an idea of how often or how what the frequency of how much you did something like walking or standing were you on your feel a day did you have to crawl or crouched let's say you're someone that has a shoulder injury and you can no longer lift things but that's what all your work history is that's good supporting your case you want to make sure you give them an accurate information of how much you lifted during your jobs again this...
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