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How to Move and Resize Content in pdfFiller
The pdfFiller editor makes it easy for you to move content that you've added to your document. You can also modify your document’s text by changing its size, color, and font type.
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How to Adjust the Font in pdfFiller
If you don’t like the way your document looks, change the font type and size in a single click. You can also bold, italicize or underline certain parts of the text or the entire text body.
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How to Align Text in the pdfFiller Editor
You can change the text alignment in a swipe of a cursor using pdfFiller’s editing tools. Choose how you’d like your text to be displayed on the page: left aligned, right aligned, centered or justified.
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How to Use Text Boxes in the pdfFiller Editor
Emphasize important data with text boxes that you can place anywhere on your document. You can resize a text box and change its background color as well as change your text’s font, size, and color.
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How to Add Checkmarks, Circles, and X's to a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
Add checkmarks, circles or X’s anywhere in your document in a matter of seconds. Adjust the size of the symbols and change their position if need be. It’s as easy as that.
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How to Highlight a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
Easily capture your document’s key information by highlighting words or sentences. In the pdfFiller editor you can highlight text with a simple swipe of your cursor or undo a highlight in a click.
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How to Blackout and Redact a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
Hide confidential information by using the Blackout tool in the pdfFiller editor. It only takes seconds to obscure words or phrases. Deleting your edits can be done with a single click.
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How to Erase and Whiteout a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
Erase any part of your document’s text quickly and accurately using pdfFiller’s editing tools. The color and size of the eraser can also be changed to match the color scheme of the document.
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How to Draw on a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
Customize the look of your document by drawing shapes anywhere on your PDF. With pdfFiller’s editing tools you can change the color of a drawing or easily remove unwanted shapes.
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How to Add Lines and Arrows to a PDF Online Using pdfFiller
Illustrate your document’s text by adding lines or arrows. You can adjust the graphical elements by changing their color and size. Remove arrows and lines when you no longer need them.
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How to Add a Photo to a Document with pdfFiller
Make your document look professional by adding a photo. You can upload it from your computer or capture it with a webcam. The pdfFiller picture manager will help you adjust the photo to your needs.
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How to Add a Watermark, Date, and Page Numbers to a Document with pdfFiller
Make your document recognizable by adding a customized watermark to specific pages or the entire document. Add the date in any format and choose your desired page numbering.

Efficient document management with pdfFiller: Video tutorials and guides

Unveil the power within pdfFiller’s editing tools and learn to leverage its advanced features as you turn into a maestro of effective document management. Access our well-organized collection of video guides, choose any category you want, e.g., pdfFiller Editor, and enjoy helpful videos tailored to what you specifically require. Our web-based PDF editor provides a safe and compliant solution that enables pros like you to create absolutely electronic workflows. With the help of our detailed video tutorials and instructions, you can grasp the art of editing, generating, and filling in PDFs and other forms on the web.

The pdfFiller Editor category: How to handle documents smoothly online

Effortlessly discover the tips for editing PDFs. Click on pdfFiller Editor and instantly access video tutorials that provide step-by-step directions on how to use pdfFiller. Going through our well-structured catalog of videos, covering practical subjects ranging from changing textual content and images to rearranging pages and adding annotations, you'll find out all the skills you could ever need to make your PDFs look just the way you want.

Get acquainted with the wide range of features we offer. Our videos guide you through the functionalities of form drafting, electronic signatures, document cooperation, and more. By assimilating the full potential of our editor, you'll enhance your document management process and boost your productiveness.

Simplify your workflow with online PDF editing

Embrace the windfalls that come with online PDF editing using our pdfFiller editor. Let’s check out some of the advantages you can expect:

Time Efficiency. Edit your PDFs quickly without printing and scanning, or otherwise manually puttering with your paperwork.
Convenience. Access our editor from any device with an internet connection, enabling you to focus on your documents anytime, anywhere.
Accuracy. Make real-time changes to your PDFs, ensuring precise and up-to-date details.
Security. We guard your documents with advanced encryption and secure cloud storage.
Compliance. Stay aligned with regulatory requirements by employing our secure and compliant PDF editor.

With pdfFiller's user-friendly interface and powerful tools, you can streamline your document management, save your time, and boost collaboration.

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