Fill out legal forms and negotiate agreements faster with an all-in-one PDF editing solution

Boost your daily legal routines to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. Reduce errors and maintain compliance with digitized document workflows.
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Learn why legal professionals choose pdfFiller for paperless document management

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Accelerate your legal transactions while enhancing operating compliance with pdfFiller
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pdfFiller covers the needs of legal teams better than the competition

Get more value for your money. Edit legal documents in PDF format, fill out agreements online, and share them with stakeholders for approval or eSignature.
This chart represents a partial list of features available in pdfFiller, DocuSign, Adobe Acrobat and PandaDoc
Adobe Acrobat
Host Fillable Forms
PDF Converter
Merge PDF
Create documents and forms
Collect Payments
Send to IRS
Sell forms
Fill in multiple forms at once
Postfill and bulk extract
Audit Trail
Referral program
Protect PDF
Encrypted folders
In-person signing
Edit PDF
Add Fillable Fields
Magic fields
Conditional fields
Field validation
Additional accounts
Offline mode on mobile
Premium support, dedicated assistant
PCI DSS certification
GDPR compliance
21 CFR part 11
HIPAA compliance
options
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Digitize your legal workflows at the lowest market price

pdfFiller includes tools and features normally sold separately and at a much higher price. With the Basic annual plan, you save by paying just $96 for the same set of features.
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You have a small team but want to make its workflows digital?

We’ve created a Premium subscription specifically for teams of 1-5 users. Premium is packed with everything pdfFiller has to offer, plus full-featured eSignatures. Check it out and start your free trial on the spot.
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Organize Legal documents efficiently with pdfFiller

Every company and individual faces obstacles of precise and prompt document management. Even the most experienced person finds this procedure exhausting and repetitive, and error-prone, one that requires the right platform that covers most straightforward generation and approval demands: creation, editing and changing, signature collection, and safe storage of complete files. pdfFiller gives end-to-end Legal document management software with an intuitive and user-friendly interface that lets you set up your routine tasks on the right track. Start working on any formatting with no prior training and make use of the strong set of features that transforms Legal document management in a matter of one click.
pdfFiller provides you with more than just an online editor and document management application. It provides a perfect Legal document management solution that matches your particular demands. With pdfFiller, you easily produce fillable forms from scratch and transform them into reusable Templates, which considerably alleviates repeatable activities for your team or department. Nevertheless, because you can apply it for more than ordinary document administration tasks sets this aside from the rest. Notarize and eSign, integrate pdfFiller API to your website and track your documents’ progress in any point of its approval.

Follow these easy steps to utilize pdfFiller for Legal document management

Sign in or sign up for a free pdfFiller account.
Select a plan and enjoy a 30-day free trial.
Add your own file or choose one from a large online library.
Open the document and start editing: add more fillable fields, sign, highlight relevant information, and more.
Preserve adjustments and distribute your document to collect signatures.
Develop a reusable document Template to speed up your day-to-day Legal workflows.
Safely store your documents in one of our incorporated storages or your pdfFiller account.
Benefit from our CRM-like feature to handle your small business contacts.
pdfFiller offers your next step to increasing your day-to-day Legal procedures. Forget about unnecessary paper spend, endless hunting for the right forms, and burdensome third-party editing apps. Start your free trial right now and check out the benefits and functionality of pdfFiller.
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