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PDF on Any Device The original version of this page was published on January 13, 2015, 1:28 AM CDT Introduction Since 1997, the International Digital Audio Society, or IAS, has created a dedicated resource called D3D Conversion and Converter to assist music producers and record labels. Our mission is to enable you to convert your digital music records to higher quality, more comprehensive digital formats on a device that will enhance compatibility with MP3, VHS, DVD, RCA/DCF, VAR, DVD/Blu-ray, CD, and any other form of media. The conversion process is simple: Open a new program and start with the original files (usually in a format known as DOC). (For example, an MP3 will convert, but then the VHS/DVD reader or tape reader will not, you can convert, but it will take a lot more to create.) Add a “X” (or “X” — not all users will use the same name, you can simply choose one). Then convert using the original files using the original converter settings from the D3D settings and/or the conversion guide. Download any MP3 converted to a CD/DVD/RCA/DVD/DVD.