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Use this catalog to find any IRS tax form. We've collected them in this section to help you find and complete the forms you need faster. Once you locate them in this list, explore any supplemental forms you may need to also submit. All tax templates are available for the current and previous fiscal years.
Individual forms
The IRS recommends taxpayers electronically file and choose direct deposit when they are ready to submit their individual federal income tax returns, such as Form 1040 ("Long Form"), 1040A ("Short Form"), and 1040EZ ("Easy Form"). The due date for 2022 tax returns is the middle of April 2023. If the date falls on a weekend or a legal holiday, the returns are due the next business day. File an accurate return and use pre-built form templates online to avoid any delays.
Information returns
An information return is a tax return that contains taxpayer details but does not contain a tax obligation. Companies must use information returns to report qualified payments. With pdfFiller, you can access our library of fillable form templates, learn what common forms small businesses may need, and find out how to properly submit declarations.
Fiduciary reporting
If you are responsible for overseeing an estate or trust, then you are the fiduciary of that estate or trust. Estates can own property and receive income just like an individual or business. If an estate or trust receives income, then a fiduciary income tax return must be filed. With pdfFiller, you can access our library of fillable form templates and find the exact form you need.
Entity returns
All businesses must report their annual taxes to the Internal Revenue Service. Companies must choose a tax return according to the type of entity: series 1041 for estates and trusts, series 1065 for partnerships, and series 1120 for corporations. With pdfFiller, you can browse our complete library of fillable templates and choose the form you need.
Transfer taxes
Transfer taxes are imposed on passing a property title from one person or entity to another. Depending on the type of property being transferred, transfer taxes can be levied at the federal, state, and local levels. pdfFiller provides you with interactive Transfer Tax forms that you can complete online and then save and print out your finished copies.
Employment (payroll) taxes
Ensuring you have the most up-to-date tax forms can be a challenge—often requiring a significant amount of time and effort. With pdfFiller, you can find copies of current IRS, employment, payroll, IRA, and other forms using this list of fillable online templates and their yearly versions.
State Tax Forms
With pdfFiller, you can get tax forms for each state with instructions on filling them out; just choose the state and year you need. You can easily complete the PDF template online and send the form via email or download your copy. You can also manage your state-specific documents securely from anywhere and on any device!
Other tax forms
Under this section, you will find specific forms for reporting taxes on foreign earned income, change of address, request certification for the work opportunity credit or extension of time to file Form 1040, etc. Choose your document from the list of fillable online templates and start completing it right away.
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