Power Of Attorney Form

Use our Power of Attorney forms to properly allow a permitted entity to act legally on your behalf. Most commonly, this agent is a lawyer, however, the granted individual is defined entirely by you. A Power of Attorney can be granted for all general affairs, allowing broad authority over all of your medical and financial matters. It may also be limited, giving your agent authority strictly for defined certain situations. No matter the circumstances, look to this category to find the Power of Attorney form most suitable for you.

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Power Of Attorney Form


The Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is kind of an instrument that allows to delegate your rights and authorities to other persons. It is issued for general purposes such as deciding legal, financial and medical issues etc. With this document you can act in the name and on represent the other person or entity. An authorizing person/entity is the Grantor and an authorized person/entity is the Attorney. The POA should clearly define the powers and obligations of the authorized representatives.

Purpose of using POA

The POA is appropriate in different cases. For instance, when a person needs to apply to a bank institution or a real-estate agency but, for some reasons, you cannot be present there personally, you need to draw up such an instrument as the Power of Attorney. The Attorney is entitled to represent a person/company in any bank, medical, legal or law-enforcement institutions. This instrument provides powers to conduct transactions, sell/purchase property, make decisions, execute various deeds and do any other actions connected with the issues stipulated thereof for Grantor`s account.

Procedure of the Power of Attorney execution

There are various Power of Attorney templates for your reference when executing a document. First, to draw up the POA you need to choose most appropriate Power of Attorney sample. It is required to state the Grantor`s and the Attorney`s personal data. With object to avoid further misconceptions, define clearly Attorney`s powers. An instrument`s date of grant and validity date ought to be stated. The Power of Attorney must be signed, sealed and certified by the Notary Public. Otherwise it won`t be a legally binding document. Signing the POA by both Grantor and Attorney is compulsory . For convenience chose electronic or paper form.