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1 2 3 4 5 PAUL K. CHARLTON United States Attorney District of Arizona SUZANNE M. CHYNOWETH Assistant U.S. Attorney Arizona State Bar No. 6835 Two Renaissance Square 40 North Central Avenue, Suite
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Welcome in this tutorial will show you how you can align text with the number sin a pleading that uses pleading papered#39’ve developed this tutorial for ourquick docks clients, so the assumption is that the pleading you're working with came from our legal macro package quick docks however the concepts I'm going to show you for aligning text with the pleading paper should work in any pleading provided your pleading is set up properly to begin with many people struggle to get their text to align with the pleading paper numbers but unreality there are only a couple key formatting concepts you need to know once you know them you're home free anally ting handling pretty much any situation you#39;ll encounter the firstconcept I want to talk to you about inline spacing in a pleading you never want to use single or double line spacing the reason being that pleading paper itself uses or at least it should use an exact line height so let me get in here and IN#39;ll show you I'll justdouble click to get into the header and#39’m clicking in here to see the pleadingpaper now if I go to the home ribbon and go to paragraph formatting I can see that it is using exactly 24 point line height consequently any time you want text that looks double-spaced in apleading you want to use exactly 24point line height anytime you want text it looks single space you want to use 12and you#39’ll see up here in the caption ifI look at this it is exactly 12 if I godown into the body text it is exactly 24you never want to use singledouble-spaced what happens if you Powell let's say I make this paragraph single spaced and IN#39;ll make this pairthese paragraphs double-spaced let become down here I'm just pressingkeystrokes on my keyboard to apply single and double-spacing you can seethe text just starts creeping and doesn't#39;t it gets on and off with thealignment now to fix this with quick docks what I would do is I would justreadapply the body text style to those paragraphs to put that back the way twas okay so single spaced looks is12-point double-spaced is 24 point where things tend to go awry for people is after that#39;ve used 12-point line spacingfor example what if this paragraph really should be a quote let me format it as a quote, and you can see that looksgood except after the paragraph suddenly we are off one line there are two ways you can handle this the first way is you#39’re not using justified text you canuse a line break now this is justified#39’m going to change that I'll just Marat left aligned for a minute so you can see the line break example and IN#39;m goingto turn show/hide on so on my home ribbon in the paragraph group I can click the paragraph mark the reason Want show/hide on is to show you thenon-printing characters a line break son the keyboard shift enter shift enter pushes your text down one line but doesn#39’t start a new paragraph so itpushes me down exactly one line and now after the quote I'm back in alignment now why couldn#39;t I press ENTER...
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