If an emergency arises after I mail this Response and I cannot be present I will immediately notify you at the telephone number shown on the Notice of Hearing in the letterhead. Item 1b. DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals RESPONSE TO NOTICE OF HEARING You must send this Response to the Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals OMHA within 5 days of receiving the Notice of Hearing. TO BE COMPLETED BY THE OFFICE OF MEDICARE HEARINGS AND APPEALS ALJ...
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Welcome back guys my name is Emma and in today's tutorial we'll be learning on what to do in case you have received the effective return notice under section 139 subsection 9 139 9 by the assessing officer you know many people may sometimes get a notice and this notice is under Section 159 9 where it is comes up points out of defense and gives you a time period of 15 days to rectify your return and submit it again well what you typically need to do is we've been going at all steps and in this tutorial so let's look into it first and foremost assuming that you already know how to register yourself and on the log on I mean I will be coming your steps again here but you may watch my articles for purposes obviously once you have created your registration details have logged in well practically arrive at the - Boop here you have V file and you have this option you'll find response to notice under section 139 9 please do understand that section 159 9 is basically a section which allows the assessing officer to point out the SEC is misstate while filing the return that's why this is called as defective returns it may very well be the case book that says he has not been self-assessment and so on may have been some other mistakes while declaring his income or like paying of taxes and the circumstances when you get such bonuses what is supposed to do is arrive at this part then select which over return years filled this is my dear like this needs to be proper and then the acknowledgement number which is there like your 15-digit acknowledgement number on the itlp and then we these two things on Summit this will then ring up on screen which allows you him actually to obtain file a return so again when he files the return assuming that it was idea 1 now when you select the section he needs to select under section 139 9 and now he are being used to fill in proper details of like the income as also TDS paid in case here we are not being self-assessment tax he needs to go ahead and fill that is the to 80 and after having done everything properly if there needs to generate the external file and then upload it in the income tax website so this is all what it used to do so hopefully this helps because you know many people keep getting those notices and then they start morning what do I need to do now well it's very simple if you have got a defect notice defective return notice under section 139 nine you have bought 15 days for a time when and we won't a defective movie notice tells if it is apostle Phasis win - if it's motive and taxes it puts some or any other thing modem to correct just provide and do that and file the revised rectified return within 15 days of the receipt box of scores and that's it your problem should be solved so hopefully this tutorial helped this is how you will be filing in response to notice under Section 113 nine nine hopefully this was the interesting tutorial then hopefully you all learned something from it in his wallet please to...