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Hey everyone this is sarah with registered nurse Orion comm and today I want to be talking about nursing report I'm going to talk about how you should give report to an oncoming nurse how you should receive it and where you can go to get some free report sheets that you can print off and use on the job with you so it makes things a lot easier so to get that you can go to our website registered nurse RN comm go to the search bar which is at the top right and type nursing report templates or nursing report sheets and it's the first result click that and you'll go to a page and you'll see little pictures you can pick from which templates you like which ones fit your unit base needs the best and just print those off and print off as many as you want and you can use them to help you whenever you're giving report my experience with nursing report sheets is it was it is very vital for me as a nurse to have my report sheet anytime I would like maybe misplace my report sheet in a different pocket or it was underneath what I call my Mac cart this is where we give our medicines and I place it in the drawer something I would always freak out because my report sheet is my brain and it helps me to remember things what meds I need to give less time the patient had a BM or something important that the doctor might ask me that I can just easily have a reference to so this is like one of the sample report sheets that we have on our website it's right here you could do two patient pip things a patient's information and it literally it's combined and it's just compact with almost everything you need to know about a patient before you start your shift and as you go through your shift it's just an excellent reminder to help keep you on track as you go through your day and what I do with my report should sheet at the end of the day I always tread it so tip always shred your report sheet whenever you're done giving a report you don't want to stick it in your locker or take it home with you that is a big HIPAA violation you always shred this in a shred bin on your unit before you're done and I would always I'm during the shift I would keep it in my pocket my scrub pocket so I could just have it for reference um so here's some of my experience with Nursing report I am I usually work day shift and I would have night shift they would give me a report and I've had nurses who have gave me excellent report and usually and I've noticed the nurses who give me excellent report tell me everything I need to know I usually have a better day because I know what to expect with the patient because it's so important that you know if the patient's going to be maybe potentially discharged what procedures they have so you can know not to feed that patient and when their IV needs to be changed all these things and it's so important report that you give that information to the nurse coming on but on the other hand I have had some shift reports that are absolutely pitiful and the pay the...
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