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FSI 302-15 03/15 APPLICATION FOR RETAIL FOOD STORE LICENSE NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets - Article 28-A Office Use Only License Fee 125.
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hey today I'm going to talk about something that gets highly highly highly highly highly questioned all time that is how to move into New York City not necessarily move into New York City but how to find an apartment becoming something that I'm constantly getting emailed about and messaged about and questioned about I figured I would just make a video entirety I haven't lived anywhere else besides here so I don't know if this is like it everywhere so I'm sorry this sounds very like common sense to everyone there just by giving you my experience and my tips on how to seamlessly move into a New York City apartment try subletting in the neighborhood that you're interested in we're not familiar with subletting is basically taking over a portion of someone's lease maybe they're studying abroad or going on vacation for a couple months at a time you basically take their place in the apartment written agreement between the two of you and not with the building I don't know if it's exactly legal I don't really have much like knowledge and real estate I think if it goes beyond six months then it's considered legal I'm really more focusing just on Manhattan since that's my experience but neighborhood to neighborhood in Manhattan alone is so different the Upper East Side is a completely different city than meatpacking or the West Village I would recommend trying to get your hands on a sublet in the neighborhood that you're interested in for I lived in Midtown I lived in the financial district and I was actually just subletting to take the place of my friends leaves she had to move away but it worked out perfectly because I realized I wasn't too crazy about financial district I then I moved to Midtown in hindsight I wish I would have stayed in financial district like who is texting me in hindsight I wish I would have stayed in financial district because ah wish I would have stayed in financial district only because Midtown is a little too busy for me and I kind of miss the peace and quiet that financial district had to offer try your absolute best not to go through a broker go be difficult if you're moving here from a different state and I know you probably want like a professional handling things but brokers in New York are super expensive like I said I don't know if it's like this everywhere but here in New York it's usually at least one year's rent or also a low fee option which I think is like one two three months rent is the fee it could be one to six month I'm not going to censure they do have brokers that are no fee that are actually just paid by the building to like work for people interrupting apartments I looked in an apartment with a broker once but I did actually go through with renting the apartment with him they're helpful in the sense that you could tell them exactly what you're looking for and they'll pick out a whole bunch of apartments...