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W-2 Form? You can request a duplicate copy of your W-2 Form at https://www. any time/any day! You may obtain a W-2 reprint ...
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The first thing to understand when finding out the information for a lost w-2 or lost 1099 or lost 1098 is the IRS herbage and for that they used the term transcript or transcript of your tax records so look go to the IRS website which is and right on the first page you will see get transcript of your tax records click on that up here go to get transcript online if you do not have an account and most people don't go ahead and just follow the steps to creating the account once you have it is will let you go on, but I need to log in here it asks for the reason why you need the transcript, and you can say federal tax or income verification you can answer it in any way I suggest if you've been a non filer and have not filed taxes in several years get tax professional help okay I don't need the full record of my previous rat axes or a record of the account what I'm looking for is a w2 income transcript so when you just go ahead and click on that boom it will go ahead and pop up all the w-2s 1099s and 1098 I hope this has been helpful thanks and bye
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