Mass. gov/dua/worksearch or obtain a copy at your local Career Center. PRINT A COPY OF WORK SEARCH ACTIVITY LOG this form PRIOR TO SUBMISSION. Name Social Security Number Previous Occupation Occupation of Interest Previous Pay Rate Minimum Acceptable Pay Rate Week beginning Sunday 11 / 02 / 14 through Saturday 11 / 08 / 14 DATE 11/3/14 POSITION PAY RATE Analyst 52 000 per year Cook 12 per hour EMPLOYER/ADDRESS/TELEPHONE ABC Research Incorporated Jobtown MA 508-774-9876 Joe s Diner Anytown MA...
June 17, 2015
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This is like I said the third part of a series and so the saga continues so this is a there will be no models on stage this is a data modeling discussion so if you do not want to do data modeling on Cassandra you're in the wrong place but don't move because I like the number that's good so I was going to try to beat Adrian on headcount and I don't think I'm going to do it but I'm close I'm really close so we started this whole series together well by show of hands I guess not all of us but you'll get there so what the data model is dead long live the data model it was really all about going from the relational modeling world so my background is I was a relational DBA very little relational developer I think a lot of you have probably be in the same boat so how do you get from point A to point B and so that was really the start how to get from a model relational data with multi you know multiple tables and normalized data forms how do i get to my Cassandra data model that that conversation went directly into now now you understand that part become a supermodel or was really the transition into how to just make really good data models in general with Cassandra and that general and by that I say taking just your concept and how do you express that using cql and that's Cassandra query language and c ql has a lot of features and a lot of things that people probably don't know about and that was really the point is to how to how to do it and we when we gone through a few examples so today we're going to do something a little different I'm going to recap where we started but then we're going to have just examples like real world examples and that's where I want to end this thing because I think everybody learns better with examples and I I know whenever I write code well least all the parolee ever wrote I copied somebody else's code and just made some modifications so in bash scripts right there was only one dude that ever wrote a bash grip the rest of its just copied it so same with pearl Mike Michael are you in here I'm sorry it's the truth the end yeah mr. i wrote a pearl driver for Cassandra i'm gonna copy it and then i'm gonna make my modification so uh so we're just going to go through a few little topics to catch everybody up because you know got to so why does the amah dling matter and so I've said this before I just said it this morning to pankaj my friend I said what Cassandra lives closer to your application and so this is really where the data model is much more important with Cassandra because if it's living close your application there's no generalizations and it makes you think a little differently about how you deploy your applications so we always talk about well cassandra has a right news case yes it does have a right use case I was an Oracle DBA what did I want to do in pankaj I'm gonna go back to use you as an example we'll just use it for everything yeah and because it was what we had but then it didn't work out for a lot of things...