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You're listening to the ask droning podcast you ask we answer your drone questions whether you're here to turn your passion into profit when you simply fly for fun we're a community of wares and teachers who aspire to achieve greatness we are oh yeah hey everyone and welcome to another awesome episode of ask drone you my name is Paul and today we have the pleasure and honor of welcoming the FAA today straight from Minneapolis Minnesota mr. Kevin Morris who's the director of operations for the fast team but also a Fisto Inspector Kevin welcome to the show thank you so much for coming on well thanks for having me on Paul pleasure to be here oh it's actually a pleasure for you to be here my friend I really can't say thank you enough so many questions swirling in the drone community not only the drone you private group but the drone community as a whole I know you're actually an active member in many of the Facebook groups now and I just have to say that I applaud you for that I applaud you what you're doing in the Facebook communities is truly amazing you're putting yourself out there you're answering questions and so many people you know want to know are you kind of an advocate within the FAA for drone operators so it's interesting advocate I'm not sure I'd use that word to describe me although I'm very supportive of part 107 and unmanned aircraft system operations moving forward I don't think anybody should have the misunderstanding that drones are something that are going to go away they're they're really the future I know the aviation as we look at it so one of my jobs as a fasting program managers to do education and outreach I've done that through in-person seminars jumped on this podcast with you or Facebook groups like you mentioned but one of the key things and I always bring this up is that the FAA finally did their part we got part 107 released it gives you the framework to go ahead and start operating commercially in the United States now the responsibilities upon the drone community how this works whether we need more regulations or whether we loosen some of the regulations is really on the drone community's shoulders and so for me the key to that is education so I love going out and speaking so I guess maybe manner I'm certainly an advocate for the unmanned aircraft community but it's because of the education piece I want to get out there everybody does a good job and we get the rules out there and you guys follow the rules and we operate people can run successful businesses part 107 will only get better and unfortunately you would probably go the other way we have a lot of rogue operators and we have having a lot of incidents with UAS definitely going to be an issue and we've got a lot to go over today because there's a lot of confusion kind of around 107 and I think that a lot of people expected that 107 would come out and kind of you know squash the confusion on but it seems that the even in some of the terminology that we see even...