Meeting Attendance Sheet

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Meeting Attendance Sheet


What is a meeting attendance sheet?

A meeting attendance sheet is kind of a document certifying that a person was present at a certain meeting, at school, work or a club. For example such document may be used at safety meetings in order to know how many people got through instructions or at schools in order to track pupils` attendance.

How to prepare a meeting attendance sheet?

Each time a meeting is hold whether at a manufacturing site or at a company, it is necessary to register the number of attendees who are aware of information given at a meeting in order to make further work process to go smoothly. There are plenty of different types of attendance meeting sheet templates. You won`t have any problems with creating a document if you download several templates and choose the most appropriate one. Each document is presented by a table with fillable lines. Further the following records in a sample will be a true representation of a meeting attended by specified persons.

Here find some information that should be included into a meeting attendance sheet:

  • first it is necessary to provide the subject and date of a certain meeting;
  • provide name and title of a person who is going to hold a meeting;
  • insert names of attendees;
  • further each person who attends the meeting puts his/her signature in front of his/her name;
  • remember to start a new line for each attendee;
  • in some cases it is required to put date and time of attendance;
  • a complete meeting attendance sheet is checked and signed by a meeting holder.

After a document is complete check if all information is true and correct. For convenience an attendance sheet sample may be filled out electronically or printed and filled by hand. Save your time at a meeting and send a downloaded blank attendance sheet to attendees beforehand via email or share online.