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What is vote of confidence?

A vote of confidence is a vote in which members of a group are asked to indicate that they still support the person or group in power, usually the government. The Prime Minister lost a vote of confidence in Parliament. [ + in]

What does the phrase vote of confidence mean?

A vote of confidence is a vote in which members of a group are asked to indicate that they still support the person or group in power, usually the government. A vote of confidence is something that you say or do that shows that you approve of or support a person or a group.

How does a vote of confidence work?

A majority of MPs (175 members) must vote in favour of a declaration of no confidence for it to be successful. If an individual minister loses the confidence vote, he/she must resign. If the prime minister loses the no confidence vote, his/her entire government must also resign.

What does you mean by a vote of no confidence?

Definition of vote of no confidence : a formal vote by which the members of a legislature or similar deliberative body indicate that they no longer support a leader, government, etc. The chairman was forced to resign after a vote of no confidence by the board of trustees.

What does the word bode mean?

The verb bode suggests forecasting. Something bodes well when the clues or signs imply a favorable outcome. But if something bodes ill, you'd better watch out! Something might bode good fortune, or it could bode disaster.

What is a vote of confidence in parliament?

At the federal level a vote of no confidence is a motion presented by a member of the House of Commons that explicitly states the House has no confidence in the incumbent government. The government may also declare any bill or motion to be a question of confidence.

What is confidence parliament?

A Motion of Confidence is a motion of support proposed by a government in a parliament or other assembly of elected representatives to give members of parliament (or other such assembly) a chance to register their confidence in a government.

What is the vote of no confidence UK?

Under the Act, if a motion of no confidence in the government is passed in express terms, the house must then adopt a vote of confidence in that same or an alternative government within 14 days, or a general election is held.
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