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What is the 100 to 1 rule?
In what's known as the 100-to-1 rule, federal law mandates a 10-year sentence for anyone caught with 50 grams of crack, about the weight of a candy bar. Congress compounded the inequity by making crack cocaine the only drug that carries a mandatory minimum sentence for possession, even for first-time offenders.
What is the punishment for crack?
Crack is also the only drug that carries a mandatory prison sentence for first offense possession. A person convicted in federal court of possession of 5 grams of crack automatically receives a 5 year prison term. A person convicted of possessing 5 grams of powder cocaine will probably receive a probation sentence.
How long can you go to jail for crack?
Federal penalties for first-time offenders in possession of any amount of crack (below trafficking guidelines) include a minimum $1,000 fine and up to a year in jail, whereas a second conviction is punishable by a minimum $2,500 fine and two years in jail.
Can you go to jail for smoking crack?
Drug possession, like possession of crack cocaine, is a drug crime in California. Simple possession is a misdemeanor unless you have a prior conviction, then it can be charged as a felony. A misdemeanor charge can result in up to one year in L.A. County jail.
What happens when you get caught with crack?
If you are convicted of selling or possessing with the intent to sell crack cocaine in California, you could face up to five years in jail. The penalty increases to up to nine years in custody if you cross two or more California counties to sell illegal drugs.
How many grams of crack is a felony?
If it's possession of less than 25 grams, it's a felony with a maximum penalty of four years in prison. The more grams you have, the higher the potential penalties and there is mandatory minimum prison time if you have a certain amount. If you are dealing, the penalties are even higher and more serious.
What President started mandatory minimums?
In 1986, Reagan signed into law the Anti-Drug Abuse Act, which, in addition to strengthening the mandatory minimum sentencing policies, appropriated $1.7 billion to fund the war on drugs, and also shifted the federal supervised release program from a rehabilitative focus to a punitive one.
Who instituted mandatory minimums?
In 1864, Congress created an offense targeting individuals who entice or aid seamen to desert from the United States Navy and provided a mandatory minimum penalty of at least six months of imprisonment.
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