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Carol H
I was disappointed in that I could not find a way to center text on a page. Text color is limited to black, blue or red.
easy to understand, but I dont want to pay on a month to month bases.
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Be Realistic. The surest way to fall short of your goal is to make your goal unattainable. Plan Ahead. Don't make your resolution on New Year's Eve. Outline Your Plan. Make a Pros and Cons List. Talk About It. Reward Yourself. Track Your Progress. Stick to It.
Essentially, resolution means the detail that is in an image. Higher resolutions will contain more detail than lower. If you've ever looked at a print ad or even a photo online that was blurry and undefined, that means it is low resolution. Images that are clear and detailed are high.
High resolution is 300 dpi (dots per inch), whereas low resolution pictures are less than 300 dpi. Images that are in high resolution provide a clearer picture, due to the concentrated and tight combination of dots per inch. Lower resolution images can be used for web.
Image resolution is typically described in PPI, which refers to how many pixels are displayed per inch of an image. Higher resolutions mean that there more pixels per inch (PPI), resulting in more pixel information and creating a high-quality, crisp image. It's better to have more information than not enough!
Image resolution is the detail an image holds. The term applies to raster digital images, film images, and other types of images. Higher resolution means more image detail. Image resolution can be measured in various ways. Resolution quantifies how close lines can be to each other and still be visibly resolved.
low-resolution. The adjective low-resolution describes a blurry or pixelated image, or the technology used to produce it. By contrast, a low-resolution camera can't achieve that much detail without losing those sharp edges. A low-resolution (or "low-res") photograph quickly becomes blurred and imprecise.
An image is high resolution (or high res) at 300 dpi. Anything 300 dpi or above is considered high res and anything under 300 dpi is considered low res. 72 dpi is the standard for low resolution or screen resolution.
A high-resolution image is anything that has at is 300 dpi high resolution with a larger pixel dimension, for example, 5000 x 4000 pixels. If you have an image that is 640 x 40 at 72dpi, you definitely have too small of an image!
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