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Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How do you write a fax letter?

Enter the date. Date the top of your fax cover letter so the recipient knows when it was sent. Enter the recipient's contact information. Create a new paragraph underneath the date to address your fax cover letter. Enter the sender's contact information. Enter a subject line. Enter the body of the letter. Close the letter.

What is a fax letter?

A fax cover sheet is a sheet that is faxed through to your recipient before your actual fax message. Cover sheets are optional in fax marketing. Their intended purpose is to identify the sender and provide some contact information, as well as to state the intended recipient and their information.

What is a fax message?

A fax (short for facsimile and sometimes called telecopying) is the telephonic transmission of scanned-in printed material (text or images), usually to a telephone number associated with a printer or other output device. The receiving fax machine reconverts the coded image and prints a paper copy of the document.

What should a fax look like?

Well, okay, it's not exactly how they work! A fax machine is designed to both send and receive documents so it has a sending part and a receiving part. The sending part is a bit like a computer scanner, with a CCD (charged-coupled device) that scans only one line of a document at a time, and only in black and white.

Can you fax a handwritten letter?

Cover Letter and Clearly Printed Document Any text and logos you use on the cover letter and the document itself should be clearly printed, in at least a 12-point font and transfer well to black-and-white copies. If your document is handwritten or heavily embellished, it will not copy well.

Can you fax handwritten documents?

JotNot Scanner JotNot is a scanner app that also works as a fax machine. Using the app and the camera in your phone, you can scan multi-page documents, whiteboard notes, receipts, or handwritten notations. Scanned pages can be faxed to any US number for a small fee.

How much does it cost to send a fax from home?

Sending a fax can cost anywhere from free (if using a fax machine you own) to dollars per page (if using a local store). Here are some of the costs: From a fax machine you own: the cost to send a fax is only the cost of the landline phone call (usually free for local, there may be a charge for long distance).

Can you fax original documents?

Fax copies can be considered legal documents and are often accepted as such in many agencies and establishments. Thanks to the almost flawless anti-tampering method when it comes to faxing, many businesses will accept a faxed copy of an original document, such a signed contract, as legally binding.
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