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Performance is slow and choppy at times. There is no OBVIOUS way to turn off the popups every single time I go to fill out a form. Transitioning from one form to another is extremely disjointed. There is no clear way to fill out one form and simply move on to the next in a series. If there is a clean workflow in there somewhere, it's not obvious, at least, not for my use case, which is to fill out a form for each of my employees from a remote location, download all and print all for distribution. Seems like every time I finish something, it takes a while to save, and a while to get to the page letting me choose what to do next, which is always to display the file list again, and a while to load the file list. . .rather than simply keeping the filelist persistent and hidden, as would seem same here. Also, this form, won't let me enter more than a character or 2 before kicking me out. I am writing this feedback in a notepad and then copying it in all at once. Awesome.
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Joseph M
Excellent in Service and everything else.
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What certificate should I use for SSL?

If you just need to validate one or two sites, go with single-name and wildcard certificates. However, if you need to certify multiple domains, choose a multi-domain SSL certificate. Pick the best certificate depending on whether you want to certify one, several, or all of your domains and subdomains.

What type of SSL certificate do I need for eCommerce?

Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL) Mostly, extended validation certificates are used by high profile eCommerce sites that process logins, facilitate online payments, and collect sensitive user data. The EV SSL certificate for eCommerce websites are the most recommended ones for the tight level of security.

Which SSL Certificate is best for eCommerce website?

An EV SSL certificate best option for large website like ecommerce. It is recognized by all mobile and web browsers. Its 256 bit encryption gives piece in mind for data security. For EV SSL, Comodo CA Authority is the best option at low price compared to any other CA.

What type of SSL certificate do I need?

Choose a certificate that best fits your site needs, whether it's a domain, organization, or extended validation SSL certificate. If you just need to validate one or two sites, go with single-name and wildcard certificates. However, if you need to certify multiple domains, choose a multi-domain SSL certificate.

Why is SSL important for eCommerce?

SSL certificates and connections make it easy for eCommerce sites to protect sensitive data. If your website is not currently using encrypted connections, you are putting your customers at risk. SSL certificates are inexpensive and pay for themselves many times over by preventing lost business and data breaches.

Is Letsencrypt safe for eCommerce?

Yes, Let's encrypt is safe for eCommerce. All Let's Encrypt certificates are DV (Domain validated) certificates which encrypts all website traffic and data. That being said, one of the most important areas of eCommerce is to ensure that your web host and payment gateway service providers offer PCI Compliance.

Is an SSL certificate worth it?

Yes, it is definitely worth it spending the extra money on an Extended Validation (Green Bar) SSL Certificate. There are many advantages of getting an EV SSL Certificate. Your website will rank higher in search engines (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Bing) if it has an SSL Certificate installed.

Is an SSL certificate necessary?

Your website needs any SSL certificate If you're asking for any personal information. It's common among sites that require users to hand over sensitive information such as credit card information, home addresses, and financial data. Even if you haven't noticed it before, it's likely your website visitors have.
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