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Below is a list of the most common customer questions. If you can’t find an answer to your question, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

How do you comment out code?

In the C/C++ editor, select multiple line(s) of code to comment out. To comment out multiple code lines right-click and select Source > Add Block Comment. ( CTRL+SHIFT+/ ) To uncomment multiple code lines right-click and select Source > Remove Block Comment. ( CTRL+SHIFT+\\ )

How do you comment out HTML code?

An HTML comment begins with . HTML comments are visible to anyone that views the page source code, but are not rendered when the HTML document is rendered by a browser.

How are comments written in a program?

In computer programming, a comment is a programmer-readable explanation or annotation in the source code of a computer program. They are added with the purpose of making the source code easier for humans to understand, and are generally ignored by compilers and interpreters.

How are comments written in a program in Python?

A comment in Python starts with the hash character, # , and extends to the end of the physical line. A hash character within a string value is not seen as a comment, though. To be precise, a comment can be written in three ways - entirely on its own line, next to a statement of code, and as a multi-line comment block.

What information is important to write in comments?

Comment function implemented by you with function description, author name, date, lists of parameters, return type, and logic behind solving the problem. If you are going to make any changes in a function written earlier, you should describe what changes you are making and why.

How do you comment out code in Java?

For single line comment you can use Ctrl + / and for multiple line comment you can use Ctrl + Shift + / after selecting the lines you want to comment in java editor. On Mac/OS X you can use Cmd + / to comment out single lines or selected blocks.

How do you write a comment in a method in Java?

For example, most Javadoc comments for methods include " @param " and " @return " tags when applicable, to describe the method's parameters and return value. The " @param " tag should be followed by the parameter's name, and then a description of that parameter.

What is a block comment in Java?

Multi-line comments or slash-star comments are called block comments. Java's block comments are used when more than one line of comments are written. Javadoc comments or documentation comments are inserted to describe classes, interfaces, fields, methods, or constructors.
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