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an i 94 form

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All nonimmigrant aliens seeking admission to the U.S. unless otherwise exempted must provide this information. Failure to provide this information may deny you entry to the United States and result in your removal. CBP Form I-94 05/08 Arrival Record Admission Number 000000000 1. DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY U*S* Customs and Border Protection OMB No* 1651-0111 Welcome to the United States I-94 Arrival/Departure Record Instructions This form must be completed by all persons except U*S*...
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Who needs a Form I-94?

All visitors entering the United States must fill the Form I-94 except for U.S. citizens, returning foreigners residing in the country, foreigners with immigrant visas, and Canadian citizens visiting or in transit.

It should be noted that the CBP issues Form I-94 only at the land border ports of entry.  Foreign visitors arriving by air or sea are no longer required to complete  Form I-94.

Whoever needs to prove the legitimacy of their visitor status, may access their arrival/departure record on the CBP website. The CBP automatically collects the arrival/departure information from visitors’ electronic travel records.

What is Form I-94 for?

CBP uses the Form with the purpose of documenting arrivals and departures of foreign nationals who enter the United States on non-immigrant visas such as work, student, or visitor visas.

Is Form I-94 accompanied by other forms?

No other form is required when you submit Form I-94.

When is Form I-94 due?

The travelers must submit the Form I-94 as soon as they fill it at land border ports of entry.

Upon arrival, a CBP officer stamps the travel document of each arriving non-immigrant traveler with the admission date, admission class, and the date until which the visitor has the right to stay in the United States. Upon exiting the U.S., travelers who previously received a paper Form I-94 should give it to CBP or their commercial carrier.

How do I fill out Form I-94?

The Form I-94 contains brief instructions on how to complete it. You should fill it in English. The space provided for each character is small, so typing the form helps to fill it neatly and legibly.

The document consists of two sections, you should fill both the Arrival Record (items 1 to 17) and the Departure Record (items 18 to 21), providing the following information:

  1. family name;
  2. first (given) name;
  3. >date of birth;
  4. country of citizenship;
  5. gender;
  6. passport issue date
  7. passport expiration date
  8. passport number;
  9. airline and flight number (If you are entering by land, enter LAND here; if you are entering by ship, enter SEA.);
  10. The country where you live;
  11. The country where you boarded;
  12. The city where the visa was issued;
  13. date issued;
  14. address while in the United States (number and street);
  15. city and state;
  16. The telephone number in the U.S. where you can be reached;
  17. email address;
  18. family name;
  19. first (given) name;
  20. date of birth;
  21. country of citizenship.

As soon as you complete the Form, present it to the CBP officer. The officer will review the card and stamp it for entry in the United States.

The CBP retains the arrival section and gives you a stamped departure section that will indicate the last date you can legally be in the United States. You must keep this part of the Form and present it upon your departure. Do not write anything on the back of the Form I-94; this is for the U.S. Government use only.

Where do I send Form I-94?

You should present the filled Form to the CBP officer.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing an i 94 form
Instructions and Help about cbp form i 94 download
Hello this is Tamra Madrid and this video is about the document called the i-94 if you are a non-immigrant with a visa that means if you are coming to the United States to work or to study or to teach or to visit a friend or a family member, and you are traveling by air land or sea you will be given two forms to fill out on your way into the United States' most of you will be traveling by air so when your airplane gets closer to Chicago or New York or wherever it is that you're landing you will be given a couple of forms one of them is blue and the other is white and this video is about the white form the i-94 the i-94 is the arrival and departure record, and it's an important form it records when you arrive how you arrive what your status is in the United States and you will use it for several things, and you'll need it when you movie, and now we're going to skip all the text, and we're going to talk about what you need to write on the form, so you don't have to write anything here, but you do have to start with number 1 family name the family name is your second name or your second names sometimes you may have more than one family name two parts it can also be your last name look in your passport and use the family name or the last name that is listed inside your passport, and you will write one letter in every space your first or given name is just your name as a person just your single name your birthdate here would be day month in year in the US it's usually month first and then day and then year, but immigration understands that in the rest of the world it is day month in here, so you will write the numbers in here if you were born on July 17 it would be 1 7 0 7 so what that means is if it's a single digit like 7 or 6 you would put a zero in front of it don't just write 7 here put a 0 and then the 7 if you were born on the 1st of the month you would put a 0 here and a 1 here and for the year you would put the last two numbers in the year so if you're born in 1960 you would put a 6 camp; a 0 country of citizenship you would list the country that is listed in the passport that you're using to travel if you are a dual citizen that means you have citizenship for more than one country use the citizenship that is listed in your passport the one that you are using with you today to travel or maybe the one that has your visa inside if you actually brought both of your passports with you here you would put male or female if you are a man or a woman and number six you would put your passport number and this is you would always use your active passport number so if you have an old expired passport that has a visa in it that is not the number you want to use you want to put the number for the new passport that you had airline and flight number you can ask someone on your airplane what the airline and flight number is if you do not know it will usually be two or three letters and then three or four numbers after country where you live this is the...
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