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Rapid City open Tues-Fri 7-5 30 SD Voter s Registration We will help you with voter s registration forms at our office Checklist For Vehicles you may fax to 866-481-0676 or scan and e-mail to Americas. Mailbox Must be completed fully to have us figure fees you must circle all numbers from 1 through 7 that apply Name PMB Today s Date Please use BLOCK letters for e-mail to insure accuracy. Http //www. americas-mailbox. com/home/tips/driv...
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if you want to continue to follow our adventure click subscribe so you don't miss anything click the bell notification so as I've mentioned several times in the last few weeks we are near Lubbock Texas and we've been staying at these city parks free camping provide free electric free water basically it's a hookup some of them have a pipe where you can put your sewage into right at the campground others have dump stations this one just installed sewer pipes right at your campsite I think there's four campgrounds or camping spots here state limits vary depending on which one you're at from the way I don't know five it's a one day and the distances weren't too bad from one another now you could really could just kind of go from one to the other most of them most of them are like twenty five miles apart I think the farthest one distance between the two was forty forty miles I was able to order tires and one of the spots that we say that in one of the towns from Walmart and with a five-day delivery I went down south to a different campground and came back up god I'm went north to a different camera so I mean it was real handy as I just told you a couple days ago it's real concerning if you have to get mail for any reason my bank told me they're gonna shut off my debit card and so I gotta figure out how to get my debit card down to me well we're staying at these little campgrounds which you know I really don't want to miss this opportunity not stay these campgrounds because it's all the free resources you know the water the electric of course you pay your donations and so we always pay our donations so I don't want to miss them but on the other hand getting that debit card is real concerning to me so we're really trying to figure out how to plan all this out so we don't miss this opportunity and still get our debit card but this led to several questions you know today when I brought up the devil card about Mayo and being a domicile domicile means you know which state do you reside in look here I'm going to start out with domicile and I've talked about this before I'm not a big fan of going to states that allow you to register there and be a nomad and these kind of things I'm just not a fan of it because South Dakota happens to be one of them and there is a lot of debate in their Senate and Congress right now whether they want to continue this or not and I suspect the reason is is because so many people decided to become domiciles of South Dakota South Dakota's politics and taxes and everything is changing and nobody lives there so you know they get to vote people get to vote on things I think about you know for all these years South Dakota probably voted one particular way or another and now all these nomads are registering so they get to vote there and it's changed the political landscape for people who don't even live there so I am a big fan of trying...