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Date Customer Name Customer Company Name Customer Address Customer City, State, Zip Dear NAME , For the last year Company Name has fought the inevitable price increase. However, due to the rapid rise
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ing will be replaced: Floor No. 1 , January-April, $25.00 , Floor Number 2 , April-September, $75.00 , Floor Number 3 , December-March, $100.00 , Floor Number 4 , April-June, $100.00 , Floor Number 5 , July-September, $50.00 , Floor Number 6 , October-April, $125.00 , Floor Number 7, May-June, $125.00 , Floor Number 8, July-August , $30.00 , Floor Number 9, September-November, $50.00 , Floor Number 10, December-February , $25.00 , Floor Number 11, March-July, $30.00 , Floor Number 12, August-November, $100.00 , Floor Number 13, Dec-February, $50.00 , Floor Number 14, March-June, $25.00 , Floor Number 15, July-August , $75.00 , Floor Number 16, September-November (all with carpeting), $100.00. Floor Number 17, April-June, $100.00 , Floor Number 18, July-August , $50.00 , Floor Number 19, September-November (carpets only), $125.00 , Floor Number 20, December-Febuary, $40.00 , Floor Number 21, March-July , $25.00 , Floor Number 22, August-November, $75.00 , Floor Number 23, December-February, $125.00 , Floor Number 24, March-June, $100.00 , Floor Number 25, July-August , $125.00 , Floor Number 26, September-November, $150.00, Floor Number 27, April-June, $100.00 , Floor Number 28, July-August , $75.00 , Floor Number 29, September-November (carpets only), $100.00. Floor Number 30, April-June, $100.00 , Floor Number 31, July-August , $125.00 , Floor Number 32, September-November, $150.00, Floor Number 33, April-June , $100.00 , Floor Number 34, July-August , $125.00, Floor Number 35, September-November (carpets only), $150.00. Please advise us of the date you would like these new charges paid by December 31 and of the amount you are requesting. Thanks and God bless you for
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