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Instructions for DRIVER S CRASH REPORT Form CR-2 Rev. 02/10 PLEASE READ INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY Actual form begins on following page. When completed mail this form to Texas Department of Transportation Crash Records PO BOX 149349 AUSTIN TX 78714 NOTE If you are filling out this form electronically you may delete this entire instruction page including the page break at the bottom before printing or submitting the form. Questions Call 512/486-5780 The driver of a motor vehicle involved in a...
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Who needs a CR-2 Form?

If a car driver is involved in an accident in Texas, he or she must fill out the Driver’s Crash Report in the following cases:

  • Anyone was killed or injured in an accident;

  • Damage to property caused by the accident amounts to a thousand dollars or more.

If one of the participants of the accident unlawfully left the scene, police will file a report, even if the amount of the damage caused is less than $1,000. However, if the accident caused injury to a person or animal, the report’s submission is mandatory.

What is a CR-2 Form for?

The CR-2 Form is used for reporting a car accident. The driver complete it and send it to the Texas Department of Transportation. If the driver cannot complete the form, another person should do so on behalf of the driver. The crash report describes the type of accident, the parties involved in the accident, and the consequences of a crash. Information taken from the report is used by the relevant authorities and serves as a legal and financial evaluation of the accident.

Is a CR-2 Form accompanied by other forms?

This crash report can be submitted as a separate document without accompaniment. However, medical reports and written testimony of eyewitnesses may accompany this form in case of special need.

When is a CR-2 Form due?

The driver of the crashed vehicle or the person completing this form on his behalf should submit it within ten days from the date of the crash.

How do I fill out a CR-2 Form?

When filling out the CR-2, you must provide information on the following items:

  • Crash Location;

  • Information on the vehicle that was driven;

  • Other vehicles involved in the crash;

  • Non-Motorist(s) involved;

  • Witness information;

  • Property damage information;

  • Information about injuries;

  • Description of what happened.

The submitter should also sign and date the form.

Where do I send a CR-2 Form?

The person submitting the form should send the completed document to the Texas Department of transportation, Crash Records, PO BOX 149349, Austin TX 78714.

Traffic accidents many of us have had them in the past but did you know there are two types of accident forms that can be filled out and submitted to the state of Texas one form the CR three commonly known as a Peace Officers crash report form is a document used by peace officers across the state to collect necessary data related to a crash that occurred within their jurisdiction and then submitted to the Texas department of transportation in this form detailed information is collected by the officer based on things such as persons involved detailed vehicle information roadway types and conditions vehicle damage ratings and contributing factors a narrative is completed by the investigating officer as to their accounts of what occurred to cause the crash another form is a CR 2 commonly referred to as a blue form it is available to all persons involved in a crash that is not investigated by peace officer did not result in injury or death to any person or to not cause at least a thousand dollars in damage to any one person's property this form is required to be completed by the parties involved in the crash and a copy can be provided to the respective insurance companies when this form is completed it is to be mailed to the Texas Department of Transportation if you need a blue form because no officer responded to the accident scene you can print one from the online services page of the Plano police website and fill it out with the information you obtained from the other driver while at the accident scene now if you need a copy of an accident report there are two ways to get one you go to the police department in person, or you can go to the Plano Police website and download one from the online services page under get the report online click on police reports us this will take you to another page to look up and purchase the report in order to obtain a report you must have the accident report number or the date the report was taken in the driver's name entering the information you have, and then you'll see your search results if more than one report is displayed choose the report that matches your accident information once you verify that this is the report you're looking for click on the payment method and complete the transaction once completed you'll be able to print the report in a backup copy will be emailed to you for your records purchasing a report online will save time because you no longer have to go to the police department to obtain one, and it can be done anytime day or night
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