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hi everybody Roger connect president of universal accounting Center today I'm speaking with Brittany Brown she is owner and founder president of Leger gurus and she has a thriving accounting practice where she's working mostly with e-commerce companies but for the last four years has grown her business quite dramatically to the point where she actually has 40 employees now and this is something that I think you're all going to appreciate which is an onboarding discussion of how you actually take on new clients and I'm sure all of us can basically share stories of experiences we've had where we've had a hoss occur and so forth I think this is just gonna be an amazing opportunity to kind of talk through how to avoid that and how to have the best onboarding experience for both ourselves and the clients so Brittany how would you like to start this sure so let's just dive in I'll tell you a little bit about me and so I like Roger mentioned I'm the CEO of Ledger's we've been in business about four years and have had just a lot of growth during that period of time and one of the things that I think has really helped us is what I would call iterating to success so I think a lot of times especially as accountants it's tempting for us to want something to be be perfect I don't want that number to tie out exactly we want to find that one event that we can't reconcile and so sometimes it can be hard to start a process when we know it's not ultimately how we want it to be but we really don't get better at things until we start at one point and then start iterating on it so one of the things that I think is really helped us be successful is to start processes wherever we are and then improve upon them until we come out with a working model so that's really a lot of what we're going to talk about today is iterating our way to success on that I really like that one of the things that I think is tempting is to kind of shoot from the hip and adapt as things come up and what I'm hearing you say is something that I think a lot of accountants would appreciate which is we are kind of the sticklers for detail we like as we like so we like being able to determine and expect certain things so this is exactly what we need right so I think sometimes it's it's we'd rather not start anything at all than to do something less than perfect and so this is one of those things that you really have to iterate your way into success so I am this is a this is a topic that's really near and dear to my heart because we have come quite a ways on this I think we have improvements we can continue to make but the way we do it now and then we used to do it really is nine-day so Miss Rogers indicated because we specialized in e-commerce clients the onboarding process on that can be particularly complex because we're not just accessing bank accounts and QuickBooks files were often accessing on...
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