Army Memorandum Template

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Army Memorandum Template


What is an army memorandum?

An army memorandum is a document which helps people in the armed forces to communicate officially with each other. It is kind of official correspondence that is used in army and is intended for official purposes only. Such document may be used for various reasons, for instance to deliver an order, send an important message, make an important announcement etc.

How to prepare a quality document?

Since an army memorandum is an official document, it has to be duly prepared. A person has to provide clear information and use a formal style of writing. You can easily avoid any problems with preparing a document, if download several army memorandum templates and choose the most appropriate one. Follow the specified instructions in order to create a proper paper.

Here find the list of information which has to be included in official document:

  • put a symbol of an army unit;
  • insert the name and address of department of armed forces;
  • put the date of preparing;
  • write names of a sender and a recipient;
  • provide the subject of writing;
  • in the main text describe the reason and purpose of writing (try to give recommendations, conclusions and other important information);
  • divide the main text into several paragraphs;
  • close a memorandum with a signature.

After a paper is completed, check it attentively for mistakes and make sure all information provided is true and sufficient. For convenience, download an editable template and customize it in compliance with the requirements. It is possible to prepare a document online and further forward to a recipient. Take an advantage of an electronic signature and sign a paper in most suitable way for you. Remember that you can easily convert a PDF file to Word if required.