Award Certificate Templates

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Award Certificate Templates


Description of an award certificate

An award certificate is a document which a person receives for certain achievements in a specific field. It is kind of approval of successful completion of a certain task. There are differents types of certificates such as merit certificates, certificates of appreciation, certificates of recognition, congratulation certificates etc.

Procedure of preparing an award certificate

Preparing an award certificate won`t be a difficult procedure if a person downloads several award templates and chooses the needed one. There is a wide range of adaptable certificate samples for any occasion presented by different styles and forms. Here find some instruction how to prepare a proper award certificate. After an appropriate award certificate template is chosen, start to insert all necessary details in a document. When composing a document, a person has to describe the reason of a certificate issuance. It is necessary to list certain achievements and state the name of a company/a person who is it given to.

A certificate application also includes the following:

  • a headline and the date when it i presented;
  • names of a recipient and person/organization it is given by;
  • address of a place of completion;
  • name of a program completed;
  • name of a program director;
  • a degree which a person/a company received;
  • list of actions a person/a company is further authorized to do with this award certificate;
  • a signature and a seal of an issuer.

After an award certificate is complete, check it attentively for mistakes. For convenience, you may fill out PDF award certificate templates as well as print them and fill in manually. Forget about any difficulties with signing a document. Using a PDF document you easily can sign it online and further share with a recipient.