Child Travel Consent Form

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Child Travel Consent Form


A Few Reasons To Complete The Child Travel Consent Letter

Unfortunately, children do not always travel with both parents. If kids have an excursion with a teacher, or a kid travels with one parent or guardian, the additional papers are needed. Immigration officers or touristic company consultants may require the travel consent letter from the grown-up person accompanying a child. The document proves that both parents (or one of them) give authorize a trip leader, parent, relative, grandparent or legal guardian to be responsible for their children.

Every user can save time filling out the PDF form digitally. Thanks to that, it will always be at hand, unlike the paper copy that can be lost or damaged. Users can complete the sample with a computer or laptop as well as a mobile phone, connected to the internet. Just upload the file from the internal storage of your device or import it from the cloud.

How To Fill Out The Travel Consent Letter Digitally

Open the form using the “Dashboard” or “My Docs” folders. If you choose the file from a library, it may contain highlighted areas. In the case you do not have fillable fields, they may be added manually with “Add Fillable Fields” option. This tab contains a date, text, numbers, signature and initials fields. A parent should specify in the travel consent letter the following information:

  1. Provide your full name and mention your relationships with a kid (mother or father).
  2. Mention the name and address of the responsible adult. Include correct dates of the first and last trip.
  3. Next block requires the traveling details, arrival and departure times, numbers of flights, etc.
  4. Parents are required to put their initials to make the template legally binding and save changes.
  5. Mind, that the person, authorized to be responsible for a child, should put his or her initials in the document as well. It’s possible to send this person a signature request. The signing function is available for every unsubscribed customer who gets an e-mail notification.