Order Template

Various templates of orders are placed in this category. Here you can find orders of purchase, which should be filled out by customers who want to buy goods or services from vendors, work orders also containing instruction from customers to performing parties, and money orders with the help of which individuals are able to order payments for a defined amount of money, etc.

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Order Template


What is an order form?

An order form is used for various cases. For instance, when a person needs to buy some goods or services or to have certain works performed, he/she has to prepare an order form first. Such form means that an order is confirmed and is ready to be fulfilled. Purchase or work orders can also contain instructions specified by a customer for a contractor. One more kind of an order is a money order which helps to order certain payments for a specified amount.

How to prepare an order form?

Since an order form serves a proof for commencement of certain works or services provision, you should pay attention to details you include. You won`t have any problems with filling out a document, if you refer to some order form templates. After you choose a proper form sample, insert all necessary information in a document.

Here find some tips how to fill out an order form:

  • any order form has to contain its unique series number at the top (further the same number will appear on a commercial invoice or a packing list);
  • provide customer`s name and contact details;
  • specify expected date and time of service rendering;
  • insert details about organization which is going to provide certain services;
  • describe a service or a product (for a product state its size, weight and color)
  • specify some comments for successful completion of a certain work if required;
  • provide date of an order form submission;
  • sign a document.

After a form is complete, check if all necessary information is stated correctly and all empty boxes are filled out. Make sure there is no missing information or text that can`t be read in order to exclude any delays or rejections. Don`t forget to make a copy before submitting a document. For convenience you may easily fill out an order form online or download it on your PC and sign it electronically.