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How can I save a tick for testing?

Save the tick in a plastic bag that you can seal or a pill bottle. Record the location and date of the bite. Store the container for up to 10 days in the: refrigerator, for live ticks. freezer, for dead ticks.

Where can I get a tick tested?

There are many places to get a tick tested. You may go through your health provider or you may choose an independent laboratory. In addition, many state and local health departments offer tick testing. Depending on where testing is done, these tick tests may check for other tick-borne diseases besides Lyme.

How much does it cost to get a tick tested?

Get a comprehensive Tick Report and learn what disease causing microbes the tick may be carrying. As of May 5, 2015, typical cost per tick is $50 for all applicable tests.

Can you send a tick in for testing?

2. Mail Your Tick Place your tick in a plastic bag and mail it to our lab. We'll identify it and determine the correct tests to apply. You may also hand deliver your tick to the laboratory.

Can you test a dead tick for Lyme?

We can now test ticks in ANY state (dead, alive, frozen, dried out, etc.). Any tick that is sent to us in a state where we cannot visually identify the species will be tested for Lyme in the event that the tick is in fact a Blacklegged "Deer" tick.

How soon after being bitten by a tick do symptoms appear?

Most signs or symptoms of a tick-borne disease will begin to occur within a few days to a few weeks after a tick bite. It's important to see your doctor as soon as you can after a tick bite, even if you don't have symptoms.

Should I get the tick tested?

People who have removed a tick sometimes wonder if they should have it tested for evidence of infection. If you have been infected, you will probably develop symptoms before results of the tick test are available. If you do become ill, you should not wait for tick testing results before beginning appropriate treatment.

Can a tick be tested for disease?

Tick Testing. There are places where the public can have ticks tested to see if they contain the Lyme bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, or to see if they contain other disease organisms which can infect humans or other animals. There are generally charges for these services.
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