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Employee Non-Compete Agreement THIS EMPLOYEE NON-COMPETE AGREEMENT ( Agreeme t") is made as of , by and between ( Employ r") and ("Employee"). Employee desires to give, and Employer
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hey what's up john some from simpleprogrammercom, so I got this email asking about a non-compete agreement for three years I'm not going to read through the whole email because I want to kind of reveal any personal data here, but essentially it's about you know this person is a software developer that is in the EU area, and they have this contract that basically restricts them from working for a competitor and really from its pretty broad actually for three years after termination but in exchange they're offering 15 of one year salary, so you know the question is basically this you know is it a good decision or is it's a well paid job but not to doubt in my life also if I don't sign this contract what could be the consequences have you been in a similar situation during your career, so I have not been in a similar situation I have been I've signed on for beeps, but they've been pretty limited in nature and short I've never seen something three years and actually because I've signed I wasn't compensated for them, so they technically wouldn't be enforceable now I'm not a lawyer this is not legal advice this is just my dumb opinion about legal matters 7 don't take it as legal advice, but honestly I read through the contractor you know the parts that you sent me and I don't know this seems a little broad I don't know how things work in the EU versus the US I know that a lot of non-competes in the US end up being non-enforceable because the length the duration is too long they don't provide compensation and that it's too broad of a scope in this case they are providing compensation the length seems long at three years and then the scope is pretty big brought as far as I can tell it's like you can't directly or indirectly compete you know work for it and their competitors, and you can't use you know anything that they sell and any prior to know how big this company is but if they're, they're pretty large that that seems ridiculous that you could in any way there are big penalties also in this contract I think that's just a scare tactic I don't think that would actually come into play but so let's talk about you know the options here there's some risk either way this is the problem here I don't like non-compete side this I think this is ridiculously this is dirty I think it's underhanded I think it's a very bad practice you know to basically buy someone is its almost like ownership like you can't I don't understand how you could restrict someone's freedom in that way you know it doesn't make much sense to me, I feel like it's sort of an abuse of power especially when you take an existing employee and put them in a bind like this because what happens if you don't sign this what does that mean that they're going to be looking to replace you or that that's going to be quote insubordination, and they're gonna basically fire you or get rid of you and doesn't look good on you and if you do sign this you know they're kind of putting you in this fine then...
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