Sample Sponsorship Letter

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Sample Sponsorship Letter


What is a sponsorship letter?

When preparing and conducting a certain mass event or social program, an organization has to be ready to spend quite large amount of money. Charged registration fees alone can`t cover all expenditures for certain event. In such case some organizations may apply for sponsor support in order to conduct an event or a program successfully. It is possible to receive such kind of support by means of a sponsorship letter.

How to prepare a sponsorhip letter?

Remember that a letter should persuade a sponsor to contribute a required amount, so it is important to specify clearly the benefits which he/she is going to get after contributing. If you don`t want a letter to be ignored it has to be written in a proper way. Start writing a letter with downloading several sponsorship letter templates and choosing the most appropriate one. Next begin composing according to specified instructions.

Here find some useful tips in order to create a proper letter:

  • start a sponsorship request with a formal greeting;
  • prepare a letter in formal style;
  • specify clearly the purpose of writing and goals to be achieved with the help of a letter;
  • try to explain which positive result this program/event will bring for community;
  • determine a kind of support (for instance financial, in-kind or in the form of services);
  • determine clearly benefits you are offering to a sponsor;
  • don`t forget to thank a sponsor for further consideration at the end of a request;
  • put a formal style closing phrase;
  • finish with your title and signature.

After a sponsorship letter is complete check if there are no mistakes and details provided are true and correct. Save your time and prepare a letter of request online. For your convenience it is possible to sign a document electronically and forward to a recipient.