Da Form 31

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Da Form 31


What is DA 31 Form?

All soldiers are deeply dedicated to their mission in the U.S. Army. Despite the fact that they all work under pressure and have a strict schedule, they are eligible to request a vacation. Of course, they can’t take it any time they want. This question must be discussed with a commander. DA Form 31 is a document which a soldier must file for the approval of the military leave.

The form is also called the Request and Authority for Leave Form and allows 30 days of vacation for every year of service. Everyone who wants to take a leave must file this form. There are three main types of leave: permissive TDY, ordinary and emergency. These three cases require the form to be completed.

What is the Purpose of the Form?

The basic purpose of DA 31 Form is to approve leave for the military representatives. A soldier must also submit this document when there is a requirement for medical care or relocation.

The application can become valid only after the commander signs it. DA Form 31 includes such information as the name, address, contact information, SSN, type of leave, rank and the location where the soldier is going to spend the vacation. The absence of the soldier must be authorized.

How to File This Military Form

When a soldier has filled out DA Form 31, it is possible to send it to a certified person for review to avoid mistakes. There are two options:

  1. It is possible to download the form and fill it out electronically, or
  2. Print the blank downloaded form and fill it out manually.

The form is simple. A soldier must send it to their commander for a signature. In case a soldier provides wrong or invalid information in the form, the request may be rejected.