Invoice Template

In this category, you can find various invoice templates to meet your business needs. They all are designed to clearly identify the buyer and the seller of certain goods or services. An invoice serves as evidence of the seller-buyer relationship and legally confirms a transaction and its price.

Depending on the type of your commercial activities, you can find an invoice template already created to provide the description of the goods, quantity, price, delivery details, freight, weight or volume, etc. Furthermore, the given templates can be easily edited in order to make important edits or remove any excessive details.

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Invoice Template


What is an invoice?

An invoice is a certain category of a commercial document provided by a contractor to a customer. It confirms a transaction carried out in particular a sale of goods or service rendering and is a substantial part of any business activity. Each time after completion of certain works a provider delivers such document to a customer, clearly specifying type of services rendered and their price. Time of completion and amount payable for services are previously discussed by two parties. You can avoid mistakes easily by using any given invoice template.

How to fill a document?

Since an invoice serves as a proof of commercial relationships, you should pay great attention to details you include. First refer to a blank invoice template to avoid great mistakes when drawing up such document.

Here are few tips how to prepare an instrument in order to be considered as legally binding:

  • any type of such document contains its unique number and date of issuance at the top;
  • a provider has to put his/her name or name of an agency rendering certain services;
  • remember to specify provider`s personal information, address and contact details;
  • for goods sold provide their short description, number of units and date of delivery;
  • for services rendered provide their short description and performance time;
  • it is obligatory to state amount payable and payment due date;
  • in order to get a document paid, clarify all necessary information and do not leave any of boxes incomplete;
  • for hard copy attach a corporate seal of an agency that rendered certain services and sign the document.

For your convenience download several different sample invoice templates and choose the most appropriate. It is easy to create invoice template in pdf format, because you can immediately correct any sort of mistakes or add all missing information.