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Citizenship and Immigration Canada Citoyennet et Immigration Canada PROTECTED WHEN COMPLETED B PAGE 1 OF 2 SCHEDULE 1 APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA The principal applicant, his or her spouse
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If you are unsure of a situation, please contact your nearest Passport Canada office. The following requirements must be satisfied before the Immigration and Refugee Board is able to issue a temporary resident visa for a stay of less than one year: In order to be approved to make a temporary resident visa for a stay of more than one year, your spouse or common-law partner must also satisfy the following requirements: You must apply within 120 days after your spouse or common-law partner becomes permanent resident (a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident), you must be living with them in a conjugal relationship, and you must be applying for citizenship; Your application must state that they are an applicant for permanent residence (permanent resident); The applicant must show proof they are married/common-law (married) and demonstrate that they are in a conjugal relationship if the marriage is valid; You must make sure the applicant has the financial resources to maintain his or her residence; The applicant must be over the age of 18 (15 if you are the father of the applicant's minor children); and: It must be demonstrated that the applicant is financially capable of supporting themselves, their family, and their defendants; You do not qualify under this provision if your spouse or common-law partner is already a Canadian citizen or is on active military duty. Note: Your spouse or common-law partner must meet all the requirements listed above if you are applying for a permanent resident visa. If you are applying for a student visa, you can only apply once. Page 2 OF 2 SCHEDULE 1 APPLICATION FOR TEMPORARY RESIDENT VISA (SENIOR VISA) The most common type of temporary resident visa is a Senior Visa. To apply for this type of visa, you must meet the requirements and have your papers sent to the Office of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada. The fee payable is 160. Your fee may depend on the size of the property (if you are applying for a residence visa), whether your intended stay is from six months to more than one year, and the duration of your stay. It is very important that all important personal information and supporting documents (including any criminal record) about you and your family members, to be submitted with your application. If you provide incomplete or false information to us, we may request a further interview with you before granting the immigration application.

Who needs an MM 5257E Form ?

The MM 5257 Form should be used by individuals willing to apply for a visa to visit Canada. In fact, the necessity of filling out form MM 5257 depends on the visitor’s country of residence. As for some countries, the Electronic Travel Authorization can be enough. This information is to be checked on this website.

What is MM 5257E Form for?

The MM 5257E Form is Application for Temporary Resident Visa Schedule 1. This application form aims to disclose information on the applicant’s military service involving any war crimes, associations with any criminal or political groups that promoted and used violence, and also any governmental positions held.

Is Application For Temporary Resident Visa Schedule 1 accompanied by other forms?

Applying for the Canadian visa is a tedious process as it requires preparing and submitting some important documents. The full list of the supporting documentation for every particular case can be checked here.

When is MM 5257E Application Form due?

The application for Temporary Visa does not have a particular due date, as it should be filled out only when needed.

How do I fill out Canadian Visa Application Form?

If an individual is going to visit Canada together with their family, all the members over the age of 18 must complete this visa application form too.

The content of the form is self-explanatory enough; it contains a list of fields and boxes that must be filled out properly.

At the end, the applicant must sign and date the form.

Where do I send MM 5257E Form?

The MM 5257E Visa Application form should be sent to your local Canadian Visa office.

Hello YouTubers in this video I'm going to show you how to fill out the form MM 5257 which is a part of the temporary resident visa application or as we call it visitor visa application to Canada, so after you have created you my COC accounts and answered all those questions you will need to fill out this form as well as some other forms and upload some documents in order to complete your application for visitor visa, so I'm going to be covering this form today and I will show you how to fill this out okay so basically for the sake of this video I have already filled out the form, so you can be actually watching this video while I'm going through the already fill out form, so the first question is UCI if this is the first time you're applying for visitor visa or any other type of visa you won't have a UCI number okay so don't worry about it go to the next question select your language either French or English and then the next question is the type of the visa you select visitor visa your full name as shown on your passport or travel document obviously and indicate here whether you have ever used any other name other than your passport name okay so select your sex date of birthplace of birth country of birth and country of citizenship the next question is asking you the country of residence so it can be different from the country of your citizenship obviously let's say you are a student from Ukraine studying and residing at the moment in Germany and you want to visit let's say Canada right so you indicate the date here and then previous country of residence if you had any within the past five years if you have any if you have lived sorry in any other country other than citizenship or current country of residence unity indicated here okay you click yes and fill out the sections, or you can click now and all the sections will white-out country where you are applying so is this the same country where you're applying from you click yes and next question your marital status if you're single you won't have to explain anything else if you're married again you select married and indicate your spouse's name and your marriage state okay so next page if you have ever been married or in a common-law relationship you select now, and you won't need to be worried about other questions, or you will say yes, and you need to explain everything else here, so the next question is about your language your mother talk you select it from the list you're actually if your native language is not English or French you need to indicate here with which languages you are most comfortable with okay again which language are you comfortable to communicate French English both or neither it doesn't really matter if you can say yes say neither of them, so it's not going to affect your application okay in case there is an interview the officer going to know which language you can speak okay so the passport information you right here country of issue date of issue expiry date and...


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