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hello my name is attorney Ramsey borrow a and this is your money your life today our topic is paying for long-term care in a nursing home first allow me to warn our viewers that the information provided on this program is for informational purposes only given the generality of the information provided do not act on the information supplied on this program until you've consulted with a competent and experienced elder law attorney now on to our program our society values safety it values preparation and good performance yet when it comes to preparing an asset protection plan these concepts are many times thrown to the wind allowing the pieces to fall randomly nor wise behaviors tomorrow is not promised to us we're all aware that on short notice storms may intrude into our lives I'm not talking about hazards such as floods tornadoes hurricanes earthquakes or tsunamis rather I'm talking about being prepared for issues that arise as we age challenges such as senior transportation elder care senior housing management of assets reverse mortgages and asset protection planning today I'm going to focus on asset protection in the context of Medicaid planning let me start by saying that it is important for all of us to recognize that no one knows what the future will bring no one has a crystal ball in other words tomorrow is not promised to you by the same token no one wakes up one morning thinking gee today I need to establish my asset protection plan why asset protection planning you may ask it's an age-old question because although asset protection planning is important historically people tend to defer this type of planning this happens despite the fact that the most common concern for middle-class person is protecting assets in the event of a long-term stay in a nursing home by now we all know that long-term nursing home care can completely deplete family assets therefore it is my goal today to educate motivate and inspire you to create your asset protection plan sooner rather than later let's begin with a general discussion of Medicaid and its asset transfer rules but first it is important to understand that Medicaid is a public insurance program for poor people of all ages it has a stringent set of income and asset guidelines often people confuse Medicare with Medicaid Medicare is health insurance administered by the US government for people 65 or older or people under 65 with certain disabilities as well as people of any age with end-stage renal disease Medicaid is the only US public insurance plan that pays for long-term nursing home care so let's take a closer look at Medicaid with a brief general discussion of what you need to know each state administers its Medicaid program and sets rules for eligibility and benefits within broad federal guidelines as a result there may be wide variations in the Medicaid program from state to state qualifying for Medicaid benefits is a two-step process first the recipient must be...