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I declare that all of the information provided on pages 1 2 and 3 is true. Name of person completing this report please print Official title Signature Please print form sign before returning to the WSIB Date THE WORKPLACE SAFETY AND INSURANCE ACT REQUIRES YOU GIVE A COPY OF THIS FORM TO YOUR WORKER Page 3 of 3 K. 0007A 11/05 A guide to complete this form is available at next page Page 1 of Worker Name Specify where shop floor warehouse client/customer site parking lot etc.. 7. Did the...
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Who needs a WSIB Form 7?

An employer, whose employee suffered a workplace accident or illness, should file the WSIB Form 7, Employer’s Report of Injury/Disease, to apply for employee’s WSIB benefits.

What is WSIB Form 7 for?

An employer should file an Employer’s Report of Injury/Disease with WSIB each time their employee gets workplace injury or disease. After the report is considered, an employee gets their personal claim number and must file their WSIB Form 6 in order to get the compensation.

Is WSIB Form 7 accompanied by other forms?

This form doesn’t need to be accompanied by any other forms. As for an employee, they should file several WSIB forms in one package to obtain the WSIB benefits. For more information you should check the official WSIB website -

How do I fill out WSIB Form 7?

There are several blocks that should be filled out in order to complete the form:

  • Worker Information (job title/occupation, length of time in this position, personal information, etc.);
  • Employer Information (Legal Name, address, description of business activity, etc.);
  • Accident/Illness Dates and Details (Describe what happened to cause the accident/illness and what the worker was doing at the time. Include what the injury is and any details of equipment, materials, environmental conditions that may have contributed.);
  • Health Care (you should indicate whether the worker received health care for this injury and where was the worker treated for this injury);
  • Lost Time - No Lost Time (you should indicate the terms of how long an injured employee was out of work);
  • and Return to Work (indicate whether you have been provided with work limitations for this worker’s injury and provide the details).

Also, injured employee’s wage information and work schedule should be provided. All additional information may be provided in separate block on fourth page of this form.

Where do I send WSIB Form 7?

Once completed and signed, this form should be directed to the WSIB Office: 200 Front Street West, Toronto ON M5V 3J1.

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Please select a version for Fillable Canada WSIB 7 form
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