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pacific life beneficiary form

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TITLE PACIFIC LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY Life Insurance Operations Center P.O. Box 2030 Omaha, NE 68103-2030 (800) 347-7787 fax (949) 462-3066 www.PacificLife.com OWNERSHIP, NAME, OR BENEFICIARY CHANGE
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INSURANCE COVERAGE Changes in Insurance Premiums or Incoming Claims Insured: Change for New Policy Year: Last Policy Number(s): 2 INSURANCE COVERAGE Changes in Insurance Premiums or Incoming Claims Inured: Change for New Policy Year: Last Policy Number(s): 3 INSURANCE COVERAGE CHANGE I change the insurance premium or claim amount(s) for my policy. My policy will be reissued with my current premium and costs. INSURANCE COVERAGE CHANGE I change the insured's insurance premium or claims amount(s). My policy will be reissued with the current insured's premium and costs. INSURANCE COVERAGE CHANGE I change my premium level or claim amount. My policy will be reissued with my current premium and costs. INSURANCE COVERAGE CHANGE I change insurance premium level or claim amount for my policy. My insurance premium will be reissued with my current premium and costs. INSURANCE COVERAGE CHANGE I change the insurance carrier on this policy. Changes will be reflected on your next premium review. I also agree that, if I sell this policy, it will be transferred to the new carrier that provides the same benefits I receive on my policy. I also agree that, if I buy the same policy, I will be required to accept the same policies' carrier, terms and conditions, and benefits provided by the new carrier. My policy will be reissued to my new insurance carrier with a new policy amount. Insurance Company: If New Policy Year — Current Year(s) If Change in Policy Year — Current Year(s) Insurance Carrier: If Changes in Policy Year Insurance Company Names: Insurance Carrier Names: LOWER INSURANCE COVERAGE TRANSFERS: I am an owner of a policy in which the premiums and/or claims amount(s) will be moved to a policy in another name. I understand that all the changes in premiums, benefits, and/or claims will be reflected on your next renewal review and that changes in premiums, benefits, and/or claims will be taken into account in determining this policy's benefits and limits at renewal. If the policy transfer is not approved by me at my renewal, the policy will become cancelled as of the date your renewal is scheduled. I also understand that, if I sell this policy, the transferred policy shall be cancelled at the time my renewal is scheduled.

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